Why The Prison Reset Is Taking So Long!

As community manager of prison i get a lot of people asking me why prison takes soooo long to reset, so hopefully this post shines some light on this situation. This post will include a list of things that need to be done and how long they normally take.

As most of you already know each new map comes with new ultras, legendaries, events and etc. This all takes time to code especially when only one person is coding it.
Fun fact, Dreamonpvp taught himself how to code!

Dream has spent well over 200 hours coding this latest update.

Work is almost finished for the new prison as the build team is working non stop on developing the map to be extremely detailed. I personally think this map is amazing after a quick sneak peak on the build server.

I don’t know how long they have been building.

It takes Dream quite some time to integrate his custom coded plugins with the map, this includes things like NPCs, PvP zones, mines, cell blocks and the Outside world. He also needs to reset bans, leaderboards and reset the outside map.

This would take around 2 days, so 17 hours of work.

Testing testing and more testing
This will be done for a longer amount of time as the other maps was a bit rushed and the player base experienced a lot of bugs. This testing period will ensure a stable version of prison that wont have to roll back after 2 hours of opening.

This testing period will last around half a week just to make sure everything a ok for the release.

Kind Regards-
Community manager- Ponk
Developer/Owner- @DreamOnPvP
Admin- @ThunderPickles
Cool Admin- @Antfrost

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so has the testing process already begun or will it begin at a later date meaning it will take longer to release also thanks for the info and explanation of the reasoning behind the time the new map is taking I appreciate it

i wish i can playtest :confused: i am good at video games

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same xD

testing will probably begin on Monday, but i cant say for certain

so if it does begin on Monday then if it takes a few days to test means that the earliest it would come out may be Wednesday or Thursday is that correct??

yeah cause I have everything set up to stream I just don’t want to stream this map cause when there are only 3 people on doesn’t give munchy a good rep

I always thought prison servers would be one of the hardest servers to run, just because of the amount of time it takes to set the server up. You have to build each mine, setup all the ranks (A-Z), and a ton of more things if you want to stand out. Anyways it is understandable why it takes a while, keep up the good work! I hope to play on Prison soon!

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