Western Airtemple woolwars map

Hey! New and improved Western Airtemple. Unless I get some really good input this will be the final version. Enjoy!


  • Added Clouds
  • textured more breaking up the big parts of stone with cobbstone patches.
  • Spikey added for funzys and all chests are now in place


Timelapse build: Western Airtemple Minecraft (map) - YouTube

Technical information

Map name: Western Airtemple
max players: 24
Waiting spawn location: Light gray carpet inside the building with the fountain
Game spawn location White carpets on the fog all the way down below
Center X and Z: 0,0
Lowest Y: 37
HeightLimit: from 37 to 153
Parkour block: red sandstone

World File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11Rchf71mXDVAOm375kTbhYng40eimV_Y/view?usp=sharing


This looks great to me, and is amazingly built, but it also (correct me if I am wrong) looks absolutely massive and if it gets added it should be a tournament (125 sized) map because in normal games of 24 people this seems like it would take a very long time to finish.

If I am wrong about the size please lmk

My only word of advice is to maybe paint the walls with some kinds of colors, as just solid stone walls look a bit bland. Don’t get me wrong though - it looks amazing
Also, maybe just add a few smaller clouds at different height levels to take up some empty space.

Goodluck with the map! :+1:

Also you can just edit your current post instead of making a whole new one


Hey Helixed, Thank you for your words!

It is big indeed, precisely a cylinder of 40 by 100. When building I eventually had the thought of making it a tournament map but I decided against it for a few reasons.

Firstly I like to stay as true to the idea I had in mind and in this case also the reference material so I already did not want it to be overcrowded. With a 125 people map there needs to be alot of filling which in this idea can only really be more airships and just generally scaling the build up.

Furthermore the airtemples are on one side so it automatically draws people to there. I also enhanced this by ofcourse having the chests there and not on the other side as much. But just straight size I think it is roughly like 2 maybe 2.5 maps.

The colouring is really rough on this one so I see your point. I tried multiple things to break up the greyness but couldnt get a nice mix of colours on it so I decided to just have multiple shades of grey in there. For example: stone, cobble, andesite and even the clay. So what I decided to do instead was contrast the gray with brighter colors such as the vines the red airships and I tried to do the same aswell with the sandstone to just draw your attention towards instead of the big grey walls.

As far as the clouds go I have to credit some guy on the internet who gave me the idea. They had them thicker so in my version I left more space in between to keep some visibility when playing. (Again I like a clean easy to traverse map) And luckily enough I did originally start with two layers off clouds but settled on one because of the reason above. I feel like adding random clouds really breaks the feel of the layer of clouds so maybe Ill think of something else to put there instead but also here I do agree with you it could be filled up a little better around the backside aiships.

I actually did that with my first two projects but eventually decided to do it this way because the post became way to unorganized but maybe ill revert back because now I know my way around the forums a little better.

I thank you for reading this and again, your feedback it is much appreciated.

Have a damn good day!