Unban sadneo

The player “sadneo” was demoted and banned for cheating. I know plenty of people who will agree with me on this statement. sadneo does not cheat in minecraft. Sadneo has played on Lunar ever since it came out and same with Cheatbreaker. He was staff on MineMenClub and was never caught cheating because he doesn’t cheat. I believe either this ban is false or this is just insanely stupid. Sadneo is probably the most legit player on Munchy, He is part of 10ms gang like Vesride and Vapan (used to be). We have seen countless times Low ms = Good kb on munchy. He also have shown clicks on Lunar countless times and hasn’t been banned on Lunar for cheating. There hasn’t even been an explanation for him being banned. Atleast give an explanation.


If you want a reason, make a support ticket at munchymc.com/support , and if you want to ask a staff member to unban sadneo, make a support ticket at munchymc.com/support


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not for a reason. everyone knows he doesnt cheat. sorry, anyone with a brain


We might release a statement soon, still developing.