Turtatical's Staff Application

PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST : (answer the following)

- Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?: Yes I played for over month.

- Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?: Yes I have a YouTube channel and have experience with recording. Here is my YouTube channel: Turtatical

- Are you able to download and use TeamSpeak 3?: yes I can


IGN: Turtatical

Age: 12

Timezone: Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Server(s) you would like to moderate: KitPvP and Wool Wars

How active can you be per week? Monday to Friday is about 2 hours and Saturday to Sunday is 4 hours

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: Yes I have. I used to own my own minecraft server and I was pretty good at it. This server had 3 gamemodes and I handled it pretty well. But I had to shut it down due to low funds. I know how a staff member should act and how one shouldn’t. I have handled hackers before and have banned the. I have never been staff on a server before and this is a new experience for me so I would love to be a staff member on one of my favorite servers.

When did you join MunchyMC and what made you stay? I joined when I first bought my Minecraft account which was around 3 months ago. I stayed because of all the nice people and the fun gamemodes

Do you have any Anticheat experience? I do. I used the phoenix anticheat and it wasn’t that great but it did the job well. I configured everything to my server’s liking and I had my staff to test the anticheat.

Link us to any hacker reports you have made (recorded and/or reported) on MunchyMC: I haven’t caught a hacker yet but I do have lots of experience with catching them. I can catch ka, xray, anti kb, reach and others too.

Languages spoken: english

Describe your contributions to MunchyMC thus far? I have played on it a lot and I want to be staff to help on the server. I also want to do something with my life as I’m really bored and I think this would be a great experience for me.

What is your greatest strength? I have lots of experience with computers and coding. I configured all the plugins my self on my old server. I didn’t have to hire a dev to do it for me. I downloaded the plugins and configured them to my liking. I’m also a really good builder. I’m currently applying to be a builder on InvadedLands.

Comment on your ability to work within a team: in school we have a lot of group projects. When I become the leader the team works well and we usually get to present first since we finished first. I can assign roles and handle conflicts well. I can listen to both sides of a story and conclude a decision that one or the other is wrong.

What is your experience and knowledge of hacks? I was setting up my own anti cheat and watched a video with hacks so I can have an idea of the common hacks and hard to detect hacks. I know most of the hacks and I can configure anti cheat plugins well. I can’t code one, but I know what the basic features and components that an Anti cheat needs to have.

-1 Detail.

rip, when i created this i knew that i wouldnt get accepted but i tried anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

you can still edit it. If you add more detail to it and follow the advise you get, you can make your app much better and detailed. You have time until november 1st, good luck!

thanks! <3

+1 Because I feel sorry for you…


thanks for the feedback! but also, i checked your profile and you have been giving alot of -1s!

I wonder why.

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Application denied. We feel that you don’t meet the requirements for staff at this time, we hope to see you apply again in the future!