Trools Event Application

IGN: Trools

Age 15

Timezone: (EST) East Coast

How often can you host events:

Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm

Friday 10am-4pm

Saturday I do not play on Saturday

Sunday 10am-6pm

This is my availability as of June 21st, 2020

What sets you apart from other applicants:

A lot of things set me apart from other applicants. Here is a list of them:


I am very active on KitPvp, because of this I can host a fair amount of events. If an event team member is active they can host Automated events that normal players cannot host (without any work). I think this is very important because sometimes players get bored of the normal automated events.


I believe I work very well with groups. I think this a very important aspect every event team member needs. If you work well with a group you can hosts events very efficiently.


I believe I am very creative, because of this I can help think of new events. I think that the server needs new events and I would be happy to try and think of some!


I think kindness is the most important aspect in life. This also includes the event team. I believe that I am very kind and that is the main reason why I believe I should join the event team. On MunchyMC there is a lot of toxicity. That is why I try to be as kind as possible. If someone asks a question that I know I will try and answer it. In Vc’s I try to make other persons experience better.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:

I can bring a variety of skills to the MunchyMC event team. As an Event Team member, I could host the events that the player base would enjoy, and I could do so frequently. I am creative and I could help think of new events as well! I can listen to player feedback, and I could do events when they would like to participate in them.

I believe that I am knowledgeable when it comes to event commands, here are the event commands that I know:

/eventkick:: This command kicks a certain player from the event.

/eventpall: This command sends a TP message to all online players so they can join the event

/eventban: This command will ban a certain player from all events.

/eventunban: This command unbans a specific player was banned.

/broadcast: This command Broadcasts a message across the Kitpvp server.

/togglepvp: This command turns on pvp.

/host This command hosts an automated event of your choosing.

Why do you want to be on the event team:

I think that being on the event team would be a great experience. I also believe the server needs more Manual events and I want to change this by becoming an event team member. I love events and I want to host events so other people have more fun on the server. I also think hosting events would let me communicate and know the community better.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

Atterax: Letting me help him in WaterDrop.

Vesride Hosting CRR when asked

Anything else you would like to add:

I think I have said everything I wanted to say.

Thank you for reading my application. I look forward to reading your responses

Edit 1 Added more detail throughout the application.

Edit 2 Added more detail in What sets you apart from other applicants

Edit 3 Reworded words in Why do you want to be on the event team


This man wrote his application WHILE playing super sumo. Props for that.


+1 active guy 100% deserves to join the event team


@Sluha Thank you!

+1 active and mature

every since joining Avoid clan has been mature and always willing to help wherever needed. I am sure he would do a great job at event, and would be a great addition to the community :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

+1 0_0 ( no words needed )

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Thank you!

quite active, chill and mature and would make a great addition to the event team.

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@warper Thank you!

+1 He’s Fat




  • Active
  • Nice
  • Mature
  • Application lacks detail

Since the application has nothing to do with who you are as a person,

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Thanks for the feedback

+1 - Insanely active on KitPVP, I see Trools on here every day that I am. Also very kind and mature!

I hope to see you on the event team soon, Good luck!



Thank you!

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I’m not going to lie. I’m very good friends with trools. I’m putting all bias aside here. He is insanely active and well-known throughout the kit pvp community. He is very welcoming and kind hearted towards everyone. When I was down, he cheered me up. When no one else would team with me, he had my back. When I got bullied by others, he was there and helped me. That being said, he’s the best cantidate up here in my opinion. He’s done so much for everyone else. Huge +2 from me!


I’d love to see you get event, +1.

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Thank you!

Talked to you on ts a while ago, seemed really nice and chill and you’ve shown lots of maturity and activity on kit for the last couple months.