Staff Application Tips! [Updated]

Here is the updated guide for applying for staff on MunchyMc! Below is the guide. It is structured in 6 sections Below is a list of all the sections.

Section 1 - An introduction to applying for staff (Section marked with :red_circle:)
Section 2 - Questions to ask before applying (Section marked with :question:
Section 3 - Things to do before applying for staff (Section marked with :large_orange_diamond:
Section 4 - How to write a detailed staff application (Section marked with :memo:
Section 5 - The time after submitting your application (Section marked with :clock1:)
Section 6 - The interview (Section marked with :clipboard:)

:large_blue_diamond: Section 1: An introduction to applying for staff.

:red_circle: What are your responsibilities as a staff member on MunchyMc?

The responsibilities of being a MunchyMc staff member include, but are not limited to: Helping players (both in game, on TeamSpeak on the forums and in the community discord), banning hackers, muting players and answering questions.

:large_blue_diamond: Section 2-
:question: Questions to ask before applying.

Am I seen in a positive light by the community?
Am I a mature/helpful person in the communities eyes?
Am I active in TeamSpeak and discord?
Am I active on the forums?
Am I a trustworthy player?
Can I record is good quality?
Have I been playing MunchyMc for more than one month? If you don’t know how long you have been playing for click here (and enter your IGN)

If you haven’t answered “Yes” to all of the above questions the chances of being accepted as a staff member are very, very slim

:large_blue_diamond: Section 3 -
:large_orange_diamond: Things to do before applying for staff

There are many things which can people can do to increase your chances of becoming a staff member on our wonderful server.

Being mature- Being mature is a crucial skill to have to be a moderator on MunchyMc. You will represent MunchyMc to both new and existing players and as a result, you must be mature to all players you speak to.

Being professional- Being professional is another key characteristic you must have to be a staff member on our wonderful server. You represent MunchyMc and as a result, you must act professionally in all situations to ensure you represent MunchyMc in a way al the staff want to be represented.

Helping others- Although you do not have any perms, players can still help players in a variety of ways. These include answering questions asked by newer people in chat and being friendly to everyone in the community even if they are not friendly back.

A good record- We understand that no one is perfect however limiting the number of punishments you receive will greatly increase the chances of you being a staff member on MunchyMc. We understand that you cannot change the past but you can change the future and limiting the number of punishments you receive can drastically increase your chances of being a staff member on MunchyMc.

Activity- Activity plays a key role in being a staff member. Being active involves not just playing ingame, but also being active on the forums, community discord and in TeamSpeak. This factor is a vital factor when applying for staff as it can decrease the morale of all aspects of Munchy. The players may feel that the staff don’t care about the community as you are inactive.

Knowledge- As a staff member on Munchy it is only natural that you will be asked questions. As a staff member on Munchy, we expect you to have knowledge about the gamemode(s) you are applying to moderate to answer any questions asked. We are not expecting you to know everything about the gamemode as sometimes even staff are unsure about certain issues, but we expect strong knowledge about the server(s) you are applying for.

Composure- This is another fundamental aspect of being a staff member on MunchyMc. During your time on Munchy, people will attempt to argue with you. It is vital you keep your calm and not respond to them as they are trying to get a response. If you respond to them it only fuels their side of the argument.

Approachability- As a staff member of MunchyMc you represent the staff team. Here at Munchy, we want people to be able to easily be able to approach the staff members to voice any concerns they have.

Being able to record- This is an essential skill you need to be a staff on MunchyMc. Being able to record is necessary to a staff member on MunchyMc.

Patience- Patience is another vital aspect of being a staff member. Sometimes issues will take time to be resolved. Having patience will ensure you won’t get frustrated if things take time.

:large_blue_diamond: Section 4-
:memo: How to write a detail application

It is highly recommended you look at previously accepted applications to help you write your own application. This will give you an idea about what each question is asking and how to answer it correctly.

Structure- Structuring your staff application is a key aspect of writing a good staff application. It makes your application stand out from the competition and also makes it easier for the staff to read, which increases your chances of being accepted. Furthermore, it also shows you have put effort into your application.

Effort- Remember you can only apply for staff once per season. As a result, putting the effort in your application is essential. If you get denied that season, you will have to wait a minimum of 3 months before reapplying. As a result, put effort into writing your application. Remember, you are trying to convince why we should accept you.

Following the format- Following the format is vital when applying for staff. If you apply for staff without using the format provided it appears that you put no effort into your application and do not care for the rules set. This drastically decreases the chances of you being accepted. You can find the format here

Use good grammar- Using good grammar will make you seem professional which is a key characteristic when applying for staff. It also makes your staff application stand out and shows you put effort into your application. Failure to use good grammar will extravagantly decrease the chances of you getting accepted.

Do not plagiarise- This one speaks for itself. Stealing another person’s application shows no effort and also shows you are irresponsible and untrustworthy. You will most likely not get staff in the future if you plagiarise so it is firmly advised not to plagiarise.

Make your application stand out- When the team involved in checking staff applications read through staff applications they read through the same old messages all the time. Making your application stand out will enhance the chances of you getting accepted.

Taking criticism- It is vital that you can take criticism. No one’s application is perfect and players leave feedback to help you and your application, not to hinder you and your application.

Be honest- We can check how active you are and how many punishments you have. Lying only decreases your chances of being staff!

:large_blue_diamond: Section 5-
:clock1: The time between your application being submitted and receiving a message on your application.

There are many things to do when your application hasn’t received a reply yet. On the other hand, there are also things that you shouldn’t do in the time between submitting your application and getting a response

:white_check_mark: Things to do:

Act professionally. You never know who could be in vanish.

Be nice to others. Getting punishments during this time can have a drastic impact on your chances of becoming staff.

Be as helpful as possible. If people have questions about MunchyMc feel free to answer them!

Be active. Staff members take note of your activity and this can be a decisive factor when applying for staff.

:no_entry_sign: What NOT to do:

Ask staff members to review your application and give feedback. This makes you seem unprofessional any can annoy existing staff members. The same applies to normal players too.

Being toxic. MunchyMc is not looking for toxic staff members and as a result, if you are toxic during this time your chances of being staff decrease. However, we are looking for people who have been non-toxic for an extended period of time and aren’t looking for people who have “changed” when staff applications have opened.

:large_blue_diamond: Section 6-
:clipboard: Your interview

Congratulations! You have been accepted for an interview! You will have your interview with a minimum of 2 admins present in the channel and the interview will be held in TeamSpeak. It is advised you are ready for your interview by knowing answers to general questions. Present yourself in a professional manner and attempt to answer the questions to the best of your ability. Apart from this, answer the questions honestly in your interview.

Good luck to all the future applicants! If you feel like there is something that can be improved in the guide feel free to contact me on Discord (EsioTrot#2151)! A special thanks to @iiRaidz for helping to make the guide more vibrant, and to @KawaiiGrill for fixing a grammar mistake!