Staff Application errxr

PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST: (answer the following)

- Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?: Yes, I have been apart of the MunchyMC community since 2015, and played MCPVP shortly before it shut down.

- Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?: Yes, I can also keep the videos in good quality so Moderators can properly review the footage.

- Are you able to download and use TeamSpeak 3?: Yes, and I am active almost everyday!


IGN: errxr, erroruwu

Age: 14

Timezone: EST

Server(s) you would like to moderate: KitPvP

How active can you be per week? Since it is currently Summer, I will be able to be active upwards of 5-6 hours a day. When school starts, I won’t be as active, but I will most likely be able to stay active for 3+ hours.


Everyday in Summer, I always meet 11:00 - 17:00


Weekdays - 17:00 - 22:00

Weekends - 11:00 - 17:00

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: I used to be a moderator on an extremely small server that shut down in 2014. The peak player count was around 20-30 players. Even though I wasn’t an official moderator, I was considered a staff member by players because I would always moderate the chat, find and report hackers, and keep the server from going to chaos. This server was called ArcadianMC.

What is your knowledge of MunchyMC? MunchyMC is a server run by YouTuber BadBoyHalo (previously thesaintsofgames.) This server comes with 6 playable game modes (KitPvP, Prison, Wool Wars, Survival Purgatory, and Smash) The server’s most popular gamemode (as judged by player count) is KitPvP.

KitPvP - KitPvP is a PvP oriented gamemode where players have the choice of the Casual World, and the 1v1 Arena. The Casual World is an FFA with a large map for players to run around and fight to the death. The outstanding part of Casual, is the kit variety. Each player has their choice of a kit to use in combat. Each kit has their own abilities to help the user kill more enemies. Casual is the most popular place to fight on Kit. Next is the 1v1 Arena. This is a place where players can duel the friends or foes. Each player is given the sane loadout for a fair fight. The most popular here are the ranked matches. Here, players of different skill level (ELO) and they fight in the chosen match. Winner gains ELO, while the loser loses ELO.

Prison - Each player is placed inside the Prison with nothing but $10,000 and the starter kit. The player can choose to mine, or go outside and search for chests with loot in them. When mining, you have a small chance of finding Semi-Rares with different abilities. As long as you make it past the red PvP areas, you are unable to die. When outside, you are able to be tracked unless you have a Jammer. You can die at anytime to either mobs or players. Going outside earns more money, but it is more dangerous, as you can lose your items with 1 death. You can also rank up. you start at New, and when you get enough money, you rank up and earn more area to explore. Ranks include (D mine, C mine, B mine, and A mine.) When you reach the maximum rank, you can prestige and unlock helpful abilities, but you start over at D mine.

Survival - Survival is an open world gamemode that acts just like singleplayer, but you are able to engage with other players and their builds. In Survival you can do anything you put your mind to whether that is building a cool house, mining for diamonds, or making new friends!

Smash - Smash is a PvP oriented gamemode based off the popular game Super Smash Bros. In this game, players battle on a platform until 1 player remains. The twist is that players get to choose a class with an ability to increase their likeliness of winning.

Purgatory - Purgatory is a place for cheaters to earn an unban. The challenges may not be easy, but they are possible. While hackers are trying to earn unbans, unbanned players can use various trolls to annoy, scare, or mess up the hacker’s journey to an unban. Unbanned players can use /adventure so that they can get the same experience as the hackers.

Do you have any Anticheat experience? Although I don’t have the most experience with Anticheats, I have a basic understanding of what they are and how they work. Even if I do not know everything, I am willing to learn and increase my knowledge when dealing with them.

Link us to any hacker reports you have made (recorded and/or reported) on MunchyMC:

Languages spoken: My first language is English, but I am in the process of learning Spanish.

Describe your contributions to MunchyMC thus far? As a MunchyMC Event member, I was able to host Manual Events for limited days of Elite Rank. I also help out newer players in chat or on the forums. Some of the frequently asked questions I get are “What is this servers teamspeak?” “What do tokens do?” and “Where can I apply for staff, builder, media, or event?” I always answer the question and give the player the correct answer. On the forums, I try to help out players with suggestions and new ideas by replying with feedback that I feel is appropriate. I also just try my best to be a person to look up to in game and real life. I want to be known as the “helpful friendly kind” not the “annoying mean kind.” I have to credit these skills to my parents as they raised me. Finally, I am always trying to help think of and build new events. The most recent project I have been working on with @sadneo was the party games. He and I were thinking of mini-games that could be completed with ease. Players have really liked playing it when we tested them.

What is your greatest strength? I’d say I have multiple strengths that I cannot choose to out above the rest. The first is my experience in catching cheaters. Through my time playing the game, I have seen/dealt with every basic hack there is. Even if it isn’t blatant, it can still be noticeable. The second is my community perspective. I’d say I’m pretty well-known and liked in the community. Whenever I join the server there are always players that welcome me and I welcome them as well. Finally, I’d say my ability to work with others is up there. I used to be an independent person, but as I grew up, I have learned that team exercises are a fundamental part of getting anything.

Comment on your ability to work within a team: I’d say my ability to work in a team is getting better everyday, as I have to work with teams everyday. I have learned throughout the years that everyone has their own role that they have perfected. Over the years, I have worked on not being the person doing everything. The thing I had to work on was letting others have the ability to help out. Other than that, I’d say that I work very well with a team.

What is your experience and knowledge of hacks? Kill Aura - Gives the user the ability to lock onto foes and hit them until death. When multiple players are in range, the user’s head spins so the hack can hit both players.

Reach - Gives the user attack players farther away than Minecraft allows. The standard is 3 blocks.

Misplace - Acts like reach, but on the user’s screen, everything is moved closer to them, but ingame, this hack looks like reach.

Fly - Gives users the ability to fly when they are unable too.

V Clip - Let’s users phase through various blocks.

Aimbot - Gives users the ability to lock onto another player so that the user doesn’t miss any hits.

B Hop - Gives users the ability to jump around the map gaining speed with each jump.

AutoSoup/Pot - Let’s user soup/pot heal while they are still swinging their weapon.

Tracers - Let’s user find enemies with lines directing them

AutoClicker - A program used too click for the user at the touch of a button. It can constantly click multiple CPS, or it can consistently click one specific CPS.

AntiKB - Let’s the user not take any knockback.

KB Modifier - Let’s the user edit the amount of knockback they receive.

Crits - Let’s the user get Critical Hits without jumping.

X-Ray - Let’s the user see through blocks to find valuable ores.

NoFall - Let’s the user not take fall damage.

Scaffold - Let’s users bridge without even trying.

Before I conclude my application I would like to say thank you for taking the time out of your day for reading this. I wish other applicants the best of luck!



You’re a very friendly, kind, mature, responsible, and experienced player. I feel you would be perfect for the job, as long as you’re sure you can get enough hackers banned, and learn about the anticheat :slight_smile:

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Really nice to talk to in teamspeak and top class event member.

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+1 Error’s a really cool guy. I believe he should join us on the staff team too. No one gets left behind! :smiley: <3

  • Mature
  • Knowledge of the server
  • Dedicated
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+1, He’s an amazing guy and I do think he should get accepted due to his knowledge on everything! Good Luck!

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+1 cant say no to error or there must be a big error

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+1 activeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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You’re extremely active and friendly and you also know your stuff. I truly think that you deserve to be staff as you’d be a great fit. Good luck! :blue_heart:

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ty all for the kind words! :heartpulse:

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I think you would be a great staff member. Good luck!

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You’re really nice to everyone you talk to and really mature

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always stays calm and collective mindset. very mature

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+1 hehehe

  • Very kind and active person in-game
  • Has contributed so much to MunchyMC
  • Very little grammatical/spelling errors
  • Extremely helpful

Good luck my man!

– frogtism1 (foxholes)

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Errxr, I’m going to give you a +1 for the following reasons:

  • You are a really calm and collected guy, and easy to become friends with.
  • You have existed on Munchy for a good long time, which gives you more knowledge than the average player. (Which means you can answer questions more easily.)
  • I have never had any bad reports against you, and have never seen you step out of line.
  • You are constantly on Kit already since you have been Event for a while, so another rank won’t be hard for you.

In conclusion: I think you will be a great addition to the Staff Team this season, I hope to see you get it!

Good Luck!


ty all :smiley:

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+1 Very good event member, Friendly, Mature.
Goodluck error


I can’t believe I haven’t commented on here yet!!

+1 for sure.

  • Very active
  • Trustworthy and helpful
  • Dedicated member of Munchy
  • Friendly
  • Great guy to be around
  • Approachable
  • Great knowledge of the server

Best of luck!
~Mythical :sheep:


Hello again! :open_mouth:

  • You do your job as event well.
  • You are active.
  • Also active in teamspeak.
  • Helpful, kind and mature.
  • You like toasters.

Phat +1


ty epic crafters!


errxr you cannot leave me as the ONLY event member :frowning: I thought we were gonna stick together man!!! All jokes aside, you are an amazing person and should of gotten a position a long time ago. Best of luck… not that you will need it!