Staff Application | CryptWarrior

#### PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST: (answer the following)

- Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?: MunchyMC is my number one go to server for WoolWars and Survival. I first joined the MunchyMC community in May of 2019, from then on I have been a decently active player on WoolWars, KitPvP and Survival.

- Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?: Yes, I am able to upload high quality videos of hackers using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). I can upload these videos to Youtube or have them sent directly to Admins or Moderators. I typically have my recording software ready for use at all times, so that no time is a bad time.

- Are you able to download and use TeamSpeak 3?: Yes, I am quite familiar with TeamSpeak3. I will be able to use it properly to communicate with other members of the staff team. I also have Discord which is downloaded onto my PC.


IGN: My current IGN is CryptWarrior (My past IGNs can be found here:

Age: 13

Timezone: I am located in Canada and my time zone is Eastern Standard Time. (EST)

Server(s) you would like to moderate: I would enjoy moderating Survival as I am fond of this certain server. I have helped many players with there farms, claim plots and builds, as well as allowing other players to have access to my farms. Although, if that is not a possibility I would gladly enjoy Moderating KitPvP.

How active can you be per week? I will be online everyday for at least 3-4 hours. (28 hours Weekly) Starting in September my activity will barely change, but just in case, I have provided a schedule:

Monday: Online from 7am-8am, Online from 5pm-8pm

Tuesday: Online from 7am-8am, Online from 5pm-8pm

Wednesday: Online from 7am-8am, Online from 5pm-8pm

Thursday: Online from 7am-8am, Online from 5pm-8pm

Friday: Online from 7am-8am, Online from 5pm-8pm

Saturday: Online from 7-8am, Online from 5pm-9pm

Sunday: Online from 7-8am, Online from 5pm-9pm

Very rarely will these Times change. Nevertheless if they do I will immediately contact an online staff member and notify them that I will be occupied.

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: I have been designing and producing my own server for around 7 months now. I have experience with multiple plugins such as essentialsX and various permissions plugins. As well as creating many minigames as a solo. I mainly work on my server for personal experience with plugins so that way I am prepared for future situations and complications as a staff member. I am not sure that you would consider this moderating experience but as far as it goes, I have not been moderator on any server yet except for my own. However, hopefully my devotion to player experience makes up for this faulty.

What is your knowledge of MunchyMC? MunchyMC is owned by BadBoyHalo and has many Admins and Developers such as Antfrost (Head Admin) and Lordbobby104 (Head Developer). As of now MunchyMC has 6 game modes. (WoolWars, Survival, KitPvP, Purgatory, Smash and Prison) Each gamemode is unique and provides phenomenal experience for players. MunchyMC has very basic and simple rules that most players have an easy time following, such as:

Rule 1 No Cheating/Hacking This rule is quite simple and doesn’t ask of much. Players are expected to play fair with no hacked clients. This rule should be obeyed under all costs, but some players find it funny to hack and cheat which is fact is a major bannable offense.

Rule 2 No harming The Players or The Server This rule is pretty straight forward, MunchyMC Admins do not want players to provoke unnecessary conflicts between other players or the server.

Rule 3 Be Considerate of Others Rule 3 is a very important rule, keeping other players in mind when you are chatting or messaging is critical because you never know how the player might react or what he/she will do.


KitPvP: This gamemode is essentially a free for all based game with selectable kits. Each kit is exclusive and gives the player different abilities. Players can work to complete their quests and earn tokens which can be used to purchase Kit passes or events. Overall the KitPvP gamemode has a lot to offer.

Survival: The Survival gamemode is basically an all in one world which multiple players can build, claim and farm on. This particular Survival gamemode on MunchyMC adds a ton of really advanced and interesting features to the game which include auctioning items, bidding, the mall and the ability to gather spawners with Crowbars. Survival on MunchyMC also provides separate worlds for players to mine and collect resources on which makes the pain of not having any diamonds a lot better.

WoolWars: WoolWars on MunchyMC is very engaging and challenges players to win in a small match. Players can choose between the default kits or purchase more on the MunchyMC website. Each kit allows the player to access items, or abilities that are different and powerful. Players can scavenge for loot inside of chests and then try to knock their opponents into the sand which will quickly creep up behind you. The last one who has not fell wins the game.

Purgatory: Purgatory is more so a punishment than a gamemode. Players who are sent to purgatory have broken the rules of MunchyMC. From there players could either buy an unban on the MunchyMC Website or lurk in the depths of purgatory earning one. But that’s not all, players who have obeyed the rules get to enjoy the satisfaction of trolling banned players.

Prison: The Prison gamemode is extremely fun to play on and offers new features that other servers have not introduced yet. Players can search to find loot, different items and perks which can benefit the player. The main player goal of the Prison gamemode is to rank up and gather perks to assist the player through the game. In a Nutshell, MunchyMC’s prison server has a few very favorable features and offers a lot when it comes to player experience.

Smash: (Currently Closed)

Do you have any Anticheat experience? In my opinion I do have an average knowledge of Anticheat considering I setup an Anticheat on my personal server. I implemented an Anticheat to detect hacks such as Killaura, Reach, Fly, Anti Knockback, Bhop, etc. I had to modify the Anticheat to my liking and make it fit perfectly with how my server is designed.

Link us to any hacker reports you have made (recorded and/or reported) on MunchyMC:

All of my Hacker/rulebreaker reports can be found here:

Player Hacking (Reach)

Player Portal-Voiding

Catching an Xrayer Part 1

Catching an Xrayer Part 2

Languages spoken: I speak Fluent English and can understand some parts of French.

Describe your contributions to MunchyMC thus far? As a player I have recorded and caught multiple players hacking, Teaming and Portal-Voiding on MunchyMC, I plan to contribute more in the future even if I do not manage to get accepted as staff. Assisting players is my one of my many main goals on this server. I enjoy helping others as it makes me feel very pleased as well. The security of MunchyMC is also something that I would love to contribute to. Seeing how far this server went is an inspiration to people today such as myself and I would happily enjoy helping MunchyMC remain in this secure stage.

What is your greatest strength? I am very flexible with my time online, I am resourceful and creative when it comes to suggesting ideas, and I take initiative when I need to. These are all my greatest strengths, but my most considerable strength would be my ability to collaborate easily with a team. I enjoy listening to other suggestions people make and taking them into consideration. Overall, these are all my greatest strengths.

Comment on your ability to work within a team: My ability to work within a team is remarkably great, I am a very good listener and I suggest ideas when I can. As mentioned earlier, working within a team is another one of my strengths because it is quite easy for me to get along with other staff members.

What is your experience and knowledge of hacks?

I have a wide knowledge of hacks, here are a few:

Killaura: Enables the suspect to automatically hit his opponent within range. This hack is easy to detect because of the suspect’s abnormal movements.

AimBot: Allows the suspect to have assistance with aim. This hack enables the suspect to lock their cursor on to their opponent. This hack is fairly easy to detect because of the suspect’s abnormal movements and hits.

Bhop: Bhop Enables the suspect to jump farther than they normally would be able to. This hack is easy to detect since the suspect’s jumps stand out from the other ones.

Xray: Xray Enables the suspect to see through walls and biomes to easily search for rare ores. Xray can be found in resource packs or through mods. Xraying is harder to detect unless you have an Anticheat that alerts Admins if the suspect is mining ores too quickly.

AutoCrit: This Hack automatically Crits the suspects opponent causing an unfair damage advantage to other players. This hack is easier to detect because of the quick fights the suspect will be winning.

AutoSoup: This Hack is a major advantage in KitPvP and other game modes that include soup. AutoSoup allows the suspect to automatically eat soup without switching slots. This hack is harder to detect, unless you have an inventory plugin that enables Admins to check the suspect’s inventory.

Reach: Reach allows the suspect to attack an opponent from a farther range rather than 2.5 blocks. This Hack is easy to detect considering the fact that most servers have plugins which can detect this kind of hack.

Fly: This Hack enables the suspect to fly in game without having the correct permissions to do so. This hack is easy to detect for obvious reasons.

Anti KnockBack: Anti Knockback (Anti Kb) allows the suspect to take no knockback whatsoever. This hack is easy to detect if the suspect enters a PvP match.

Speed: This hack enables the suspect to have a permanent speed boost. This hack is most commonly detected by Anticheat systems.

SpiderClimb: SpiderClimb enables the suspect to climb over walls like a Spider would. Fortunately, most Anticheat systems prevent this action.

Jesus: This hack allows the suspect to walk on water. This hack is probably the most obvious hack to detect for apparent reasons.

FastBow: FastBow allows the suspect to reload a bow extremely quickly causing a rapid fire rain of arrows. This hack is fairly easy to detect.

NoFall: This hack allows the suspect to take no fall damage and disables the death of fall damage. This hack is easy to detect if the suspect jumps from an extensive height and does not die.

NoClip: This hack enables the suspect to walk through building blocks and miscellaneous items. Though this hack is useful to hackers, barely any are seen using them nowadays.

AutoChest: This hack allows players to automatically loot chests without touching a single item. This Hack is fairly hard to detect without a decent Anticheat.

Scaffolding: This hack enables the suspect to have an automatic bridge built below him while they walk. This hack is on the easier side to detect.

Fast Break/Fast Place: These hacks allow the suspect to mine or place blocks particularly fast. These hacks are fairly easy to detect with a decent Anticheat.

Thank you for your time!

I hope you consider my application!



Helped me record and find an xray hacker
Nice dude to talk to

Good luck!

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Thank you!! :grin:

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you’re a very nice active player :smiley:
Gl man

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Thanks Devonymous!!


Nice guy, i see him all the time on survival

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Thank you Fumaz!! :smile:

this application is so good but i’ve never seen you online maybe because of time zones +0.5

Thank you CrazyField!! I appreciate your comment!:smiley:

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Thank you everyone for your comments!! I appreciate it!! :smiley:

I have just recently made an edit rewording a few sentences and adding a couple paragraphs, my application is officially ready for review!!

Made a quick edit in the Prerequisite part regarding teamspeak.

Very well written and detailed application! Only critique is that I do not usually see you on TeamSpeak a lot, so try to get more familiar with the community through there! Best of luck!

Thank you FunnyJustCause!
I will try to work on that!:grinning:

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Application denied. We feel that you don’t meet the requirements for staff at this time, we hope to see you apply again in the future! On a side note, please add me on discord as I have proposal I’d like to discuss with you, Antfrost#6098