Spistro_'s Event Team Application

Questions: Bold
Traits: italicized and bolded

IGN: Spistro_ you can view my past names here.

Age: 14 (turning 15 very soon)

Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)

How often can you host events: I could host 1-4 events a day or more (manual), it often depends, my schedule is very flexible these days. I can show an estimate of the hours I am available:

  • Monday: 1-6 hours

  • Tuesday: 1-6 hours

  • Wednesday: 1-6 hours

  • Thursday 2-7 hours

  • Friday: 1-8 hours

  • Saturday: 3-8 hours

  • Sunday: 2-8 hours

Please note that this is for the summer-time. It may change when I get back to school.

What sets you apart from other applicants:

  1. Knowledge: I have been a member of MunchyMC since September 12, 2015. I didn’t play that often when I first joined, however, I started playing more actively at the start of 2016. Ever since then, I’ve been playing actively on Munchy. I’ve been friends with multiple event members in the past, and I know how most event commands work, such as,


/skit create


and many more.

  1. Reliability: I’m someone you can trust. I know how events work, I also know how to deal with various players and environments.

  2. Maturity: I do joke a lot, but I know when to be mature, especially in serious situations. I’ve gotten denied a lot in the past for my maturity, as I was trying to force it. I feel like as I’ve grown up, I’ve mentally matured and know how to deal with myself and serious problems.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member: I would say my personality. I do try to joke and cheer other people up. I try my best to help people around me. As an event team member, I would do my best to create new events and create happiness and smiles for people. I may try to host older events sometimes, but I’ll ask the community for their input on what events they want and host it for them.

Why do you want to be on the event team: To help people get smiles on their face. I would like to increase the number of events and create ones that people may enjoy just as much. I do see a lot of the same events getting hosted, so I thought if I could add more diversity, it could put some more fun into the frying pan.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E., Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

I asked for a Red Rover, and Atterax hosted one.

Although this may not be of relevancy, I asked MythicalSheep if I could help host a WaterDrop with her, and she did. I was just flicking levers, but it was a lot of fun and gave me some perspective. (This was a couple of months ago, though.)

Anything else you would like to add: Please tell me what I could work on, and thanks for spending your time reading my application! Good luck to everyone else!


+1 very detailed, good luck

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Huge +1.
As much as I love u all, this is the best candidate of the season.

He’s honestly just lovely.


Great application and you seem like a great person with a much much deserved +1!

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Thank you @BadClownHalo, @McDonalds, @bluepile for your kind words! :slight_smile:

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Active all day every single day
Lowkey the nicest and chillest guy on munchymc
This boi’s been playing for yonks and knows his way with everything
Would make a great candidate for Event <3


Definitely +1
-Knows the community
-Good app

Good luck man you deserve it.



not much to say really, just yes

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Thank you, @Siberite, @FlareSox, @CookieCrazyDawn for your kind words!

Awesome friend, active player, and has tons of experience and knowledge on the server.
Good luck on your application!



Super friendly on the server, Really active, super good application, yes.

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+1 super nice friendly and active. Spistro is almost always on and he is a great friend!
Good Luck and I hope you get accepted!



very active and has a great application! GL getting accepted

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-1 bad yt channel

I will improve my content!

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Much appreciated. :heart:


+1 He’s a pretty good person


+1 for the following reasons:

  • Old member of the community which means that he haves great knowledge of all the events
  • Strong app
  • Friendly
    Best of luck @Spistro
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-1 bad yt channel. :joy: maybe that’s for the best so you can focus on being a good event plus one.


Thanks for your kind words, @bikeski, @Sottoc, @Treyy. :slight_smile: