Shadow Beasts Gaming NastyDoughnut aplly for media

**Channel link:**

**Number of subs:**22

Average number of views per vid: don’t make many vids but on streams after I’m done 18 views

How long you have been creating content for Munchy or other servers: 2 months on invaded started munchy 15 days ago and i enjoy doing it even thou i don’t have many subs

**Servers for which you have created content:**invaded lands munchmc 1 hypixle vid

I think i should become media because i spred joy and the people of munchy like watching. I wish to be able to ask people to join so i can spred more happiness even thou i don’t have many subs at all people would still like the streams and be able to watch them. I know i don’t have 500 subs but people will be able to watch me more if i have media because they know when I’m streaming and for once ill actually grow fast thank you for spending time reading this and thank you for making munchy mc great and let me help the people of munchy have fun with my streams!

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Please look at the requirements that your channel must have before applying for media rank.

-1 Does not meet the requirements for Media Rank, not much detail and low effort put into the app.


Unfortunately you don’t meet the requirements for media rank, you need at least 1500 subs

I am sorry but you do not currently meet the requirements for Media Rank on MunchyMC.


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