Serpp's Event Team Application

IGN: Serpp

Age: 14

Timezone: Central European Time (GMT+1)

How often can you host events:

This really depends on how Europe will deal with the Corona crisis after the summer vacation, since it will determine how many schooldays I have.

Corona crisis school schedule (about 1-2 days a week)

With this schedule, the days are totally randomized, most of the time. If this schedule goes on after the summer vacation (which isn’t likely to happen), I would be able to be online at least 6 hours a day. On Saturday and Sunday I would be able to be online at least 8 hours.

These 6/8 hours would give me plenty of time to host events and listen to what the players would like to have as an event sometime.

Normal school schedule (5 days a week)

This schedule is really likely to come back as soon as the vacations are over and schools are opening again. This will be how much I could be online:

All times are in Central European Time

Monday - 4 PM – 12 AM

Tuesday - 7 PM – 12 AM

Wednesday - 4 PM – 12 AM

Thursday - 5 PM – 12 AM

Friday - 1.30 PM – 12 AM

Saturday - 12 PM – 12 AM

Sunday - 12 PM – 12 AM

Note that this schedule could change completely since I’m starting a new schoolyear. This also doesn’t include eventual projects or events in real life.

With this amount of time, I would be able to host lots of events and keep up on the demands of new events. I always enjoy participating in events, so I would be spending quite a lot of the time I could be online on hosting and planning events.

What sets you apart from other applicants:

Besides being really active on MunchyMC, I am willing to imply a lot of creativity, and possibilities in to the events I plan or host. I will always be trying to find a way to as well listen to the community, as making the event enjoyable.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:

My main focus will be Survival. Although I’ve noticed that staff are hosting more events on there, I really think a consistent and active event team, like KitPVP has, would improve the activity on the server. I’ve seen a lot of people host their own small events on Survival lately, and I think it would be great to have a team of people that host them every day.

Edit: I’ve just realized that the event team role isn’t available on Survival yet, and that event team member only have permissions on KitPVP. I think it would be crucial to add the role to Survival because if we’re able to build, and broadcast the events, it would already be good enough.

Some people have told me that staff is already working on an event team on Survival, which is delayed. This is really good to hear and adds up to why I’d like to join the event team!

I’d also like to add that my focus won’t be 100% Survival. I will be hosting events on the servers people would like me to host events on. I am online daily on KitPVP and I sometimes play Woolwars or Survival Games.

Why do you want to be on the event team:

I want to be on the event team to provide the Survival community with lots of fun events to participate in. I think this would improve the server’s activity even more! I also really like to interreact with other players and share my ideas with people.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

I have never asked an event team member to host a certain event, but I’ve participated in a lot of events. Most of these events were in KitPVP and there are 2 event team members I always found very positive:


Atterax always hosts very fun events and is really positive towards the community. If someone requests them to host a certain event, they always listen to the player.


I am not sure if Eevee is an event team member, but I’ll still count it since he always hosts tons of fun events. I always watch his streams and really enjoy the fact that the streams are never in 1 server only. They start in KitPVP, go to Survival and then they end in Woolwars or Survival Games! And in every single one of these servers, he hosts at least one event.

This is really the energy Survival needs.

Anything else you would like to add:

If the event team on survival idea gets accepted, it would be cool to have a certain selected area in Survival where event team members have permissions. It would improve the quality, and efficiency of the events.

If more people agree on having a consistent event team in Survival, it would be great if more active Survival players would apply for this role!

Edit 1: I elaborated on the event team appearance in Survival.

Edit 2: I noted that I’m also regularly active on Woolwars and Survival Games and suggested an idea to make hosting events in Survival easier and more enjoyable.

Edit 3: Fixed Spelling.


Huuge +1

*Great application
*Always active
*Always helps people

Overall I think Serpp will be a great fit for the event team!
And everyone who disagrees is wrong.

Gl Serpp!


I would love to see such a nice person on the event team.
Huge +1, I would hate to see Serpp not being on a position he’s literally made for, it would be great for everyone, he is active, well known, and very helpful!



A super friendly, mature player who has made a great contribution to the MunchyMC Survival community environment!

GL Serpp :smiley:


giant +1
*good written app
*always friendly and nice
*very active

gl Serpp :smiley:


+1 big discord server boss

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+1 serpp is a great member of the community on survival and I look forward to possibly seeing them host events! I do also agree strongly that survival should be added to the event team list, seeing it is easier host events on there than most other things on munchy (ok I might be a little biased here).


+1 Super active and a good friend, Survival really needs an event team, and also 1 spelling mistake I noticed, ima let you read through it for that ; )

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+1 i really think you would be the right person for hosting events because of your fun and creative ideas.

good luck Serpp! :blush: :heart:


Serpp is absolutely a wonderful candidate for the event team! They’re very active and friendly in chat, and have a lot of good ideas. The application is well written and has a good amount of detail!

Its definitely a +1 from me. I would love to see them on the events team!!


Great application, and you’re online a lot!



Although you are a good friend and have a great application, I don’t see you on kit that much, and you need to be active on kit to be a event member. I personally don’t think you should apply for a role on survival that isn’t a thing yet xD

Also the “Survival Event Team” would definitely be separate from the “KitPvP Event Team,” as literally none of the kit event team members are active on survival.

I would like to say again that “Event team” is for KitPvP

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I am online on KitPVP multiple hours a day, but I rarely talk in chat there. As I said in the application, I heard people say that staff members are working on a Survival Event Team. I don’t think that the Event Team role in Survival will be separated from the other servers, since I don’t see any reasons why staff would do so. Making the role a global role whenever Survival has an event team would cause a better connection between the communities, and I’m sure that KitPVP Event Team members will come to Survival to host an event there sometime.

There is no downside to not seperating the roles since it could only achieve positive things such as more events and a better connection between the communities. Even if there wasn’t a Survival Event Team planned, see this as a suggestion. A suggestion a lot of Survival players agree with, and wanted this to happen.

I won’t elaborate on my activity on KitPVP and Wool wars, since I’ve mentioned it in my application.

Anyway, I really appreciate your reply! It helped me a lot with thinking more about the role itself in Survival, and if certain things would work or wouldn’t work.



Serpp is like almost always on kit when im on it too, we 1v1 sometimes and stuff.

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Application denied. Unfortunately, we do not feel like you meet the activity requirements to become an event team member.

To increase your chances try to become a known player in the community. While you may be active in terms of online time, you should focus on community interaction.

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