Rainfalls' Event Team Application #2

IGN: rainfalls, Here are my previous IGNs https://namemc.com/profile/rainfalls.2
Timezone: GMT // Greenwich Mean Time
How often can you host events: I have a very open schedule, Here are the times that I will be on my computer.

Monday - 4pm - 9pm
Tuesday - 4pm - 9pm
Wednesday - 4pm - 9pm
Thursday - 4pm - 9pm
Friday - 4pm - 10pm
Saturday - 9am - 10pm
Sunday - 9am - 10pm
Please note that I will be taking some breaks in these times.
What sets you apart from other applicants: There are many reasons why I am set apart from other applicants. The first reason is that I am very active on the KitPvP server, I am very determined to make the players experience fun by hosting events. I would always be fair and I would never just let my friends win. This is an important part of becoming an event team member. Currently I’m not seeing any events hosted in the morning for EU players, As I’m EU I can host them at that time so players don’t have to wait all day for events to be hosted. Currently with my helper rank I have hosted countless automated events to keep the players entertained.

Another reason is that I am very kind when it comes to hosting events, Sometimes I would ask in chat what event I should host, I would always go with the majority and not just what I want to host. I am also very active on the forums and teamspeak and I try my hardest to interact with as many different players as possible. I have also had a little bit of experience when hosting certain events, Once I was given creative mode to host water drop. I am a very trustworthy person and I would never abuse my trust. I am very mature for my age, I would always be mature and I would treat people with respect. I wouldn’t be biased in any way to make people win or make the event unfair in any way. In my first week or so I would get feedback from some players in the community for some feedback after hosting my events, therefore I would know what to work on for future events that I host. I have watched many event/staff members host manual events, I have learnt how to host most events by just watching them host it. Overall I think I would be a great asset to the team.
What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member: There are many great qualities and skills that I can bring by becoming an event team member. Firstly I am a very fun and entertaining player, I have a desire to make players have fun and enjoy themselves, It really makes me smile. Most of the time I would host the more popular events so the players enjoy it even more! I wouldn’t host loads of events but I would host just enough to make the players experience enjoyable, I wouldn’t overhost a particular event as it would just get boring and players would want to stop playing that event. I would spread out the events that I host, As there are limited prizes that I can give out I wouldn’t use it all up in 1 day, I would spread it out over the whole week. I am a very friendly player, It is important that when your meeting new people that you set a good impression. Here are all the commands that you need to know when becoming an event team member.

» /eventkick - This allows the event/staff members to kick players that ruin the event or are not following the rules properly.

» /eventban - This makes it so you can ban players from events due to breaking the rules regularly and disrupting events.

» /eventtpall - This command allows the person hosting the event to send a tp request to every online player on kitpvp. This is so anyone can join the event that Is being hosted.

» /skit create - This command allows you to create a skit with the things in your inventory.

» /skit apply [name] [radius] - This command allows you to apply the skit you just created or other skits to the players in your event.

» /togglepvp - This allows the person hosting the event to toggle pvp in the event world for a certain event. (e.g Water drop.)

» /eventtphere - This teleports a specific player to you for your event or to spectate.

» /broadcast - This makes it so you can broadcast a message to every online player on kitpvp and it will stand out so players can see what event your hosting.

Why do you want to be on the event team: There are many reasons why I want to be on the event team. The first reason is that I really want to make an impact on the community and make everyone enjoy themselves as much as possible. I am a very fun and easygoing person. Everyone in the event team seems like very nice and fun people and I want to get to know them and even make friends with them. I have watched many event/staff members host events so in most events I know how to host them. I think I can be a good role-model to players and the community by being mature and kind. Munchy Is a very active and large server so I think I could satisfy many players by hosting events. I still have quite a bit to learn but I am very willing and dedicated to learning all the events that are hosted. I am a very quick learner.
Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

@EsioTrot - Hosting many events when I have asked him to.
@Dishrespect - Hosting parkour when I have asked him to.
@Examiner - A while back he let me be slayer in a colour run event.
@RedBloomingRose - Letting me pull the lever in a Lucky corners event.
@Gawkyy - Hosting lots of events for the community to enjoy.
@errxr - Letting me do the levers in a lucky corner event.

Anything else you would like to add:
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my event team application. Have a great day!


Best helper, good player and deserves this position!

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Thank you so much! Means a lot :smiley:

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+1. Very mature, really helpful. I think you would be an amazing Event member.

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Thank you! Much appreciated :smiley:

-1. Main reason I’m saying this is because before you’ve gotten helper which was like a week or so ago, you weren’t active at all really. Mainly during bad streams to ask for something then leave. If your activity does increase, I think you’ll do well.

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I was inactive as I was on holiday, I could only join through minechat. I wouldn’t be on minchat all the time as I had things to do on holiday. Thanks for your reply!


+1 Very good application very easy to read
Also very kind and helpful person!

Good luck!


Thank you! Means a lot!

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-.00001 big noob


Thank you :smiley:


+1 Great person, definitely deserving of event. :smiley:

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Thank you! Means a lot! :smiley:

1+ I mean, c’mon, it’s Rainfalls! He is An nice person and his app makes him feel well qualified for this position!

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Thank you so much!

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Hey rain! I will be giving you a +1 this season for the following reasons…

  • You are quite mature in game and on the forums
  • You know most of the event commands
  • You are a very nice person to talk to in game, and on TeamSpeak

Overall, I think this position suits you!!
Best of luck! :smiley:


Thank you Crypt!! Means a lot. :smiley:

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+1 You’re a nice guy and I see potential in you :wink:
Best of luck.

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Thank you so much! :smiley:

You would be an epic :sunglasses: event member.

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