Quidditch woolwars map

Hello everyone, I had this one kinda benched because of the airtemple but I picked it back up today and finished it. So I have made the Quidditch arena from harry potter specifically from the prisoners of azkaban where the dementors show up mid play. Just a quick side note: It would be cool if this map could be played at nighttime it adds alot more to the atmosphere and the overall vibe. Also this will be the last map for this set of five. I am taking a vacation soon so after that I will be back on the building path but for now I will take my well deserved break! Secondly I also need to give the admins time to actually add these maps. :smiley:

Any feedback is still appreciated but I most likely wont get to it before my vacation and I think it looks great as is. Cya and have a damn good day!



Technical information

Map name: Quidditch
max players: 24
Waiting spawn location: Green carpets cant miss em
Game spawn location White carpet in the center of the field
Center X and Z: 0,0
Lowest Y: 43
HeightLimit: from 43 to 150
Parkour block: Iron blocks

World File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_y7vt_B2DHmJQygNptPvy_vNtoeAnLxB/view?usp=sharing


Not bad! Much better than anything I could do.

The middle is a little bit open imo, but I think adding the storm clouds helps with it a bit. I’m not sure what else you could do to improve upon the middle, but other than that I think it’s brilliant!


Great map. I especially love the atmosphere it creates! A small suggestion would be to add more platforms in the middle. They don’t have to be big, we just need something to anchor ourselves to when bridging and pvping(broomsticks in the middle could do this)


I know it might be hard to see (I didn’t see them at first either) but there are broomsticks in the middle. They’re not very big, but you can see them in the final 2 pictures easier.


Yep you’re right. The broomsticks are not captured very well but there are definitely like 8 there in the middle.


This is awesome


Thank you!

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