Purgatory Hacker

yeah theres this guy who thinks its fine to fly and from what i can see xray…

ban hiiiim ty


Smh yall really doing the most out here.

this is fake (execpt the candis part, this one is real :eyes:)

That’s bad

Don’t be rasist norty

I know bro

Lol I love memes

Damn rip us uwu

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how can it possibly be fake lmao i have VIDEO EVIDENCE

honestly the way u guys are taking this i cant stop laughing

Which “guys” may I ask?

all of u lmao ur just salty banned hackers

Calm down

Someone lock this post

except u ._.

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though now u seem like it lmao

i agree jesus these guys

@Dishrespect lock this

just cos ur a salty hacker i literally see u agreeing on every post about purg being ‘too unfair’ i just assumed cos hes a hacker he xrays
and hackers deserve to be banned contrary to your apparent belief.

cant wait for some of these guys to get forum mutes/bans lol