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I have spoken about this in the past in some threads and for some reason, the last time they mistake it for some command or something, that can be done in the outside world!? :confused_neko_noises:

Pocket Cells should be the new norm on Prison, it removes the clustering of the cells at a place making the prison have to expand like a city in the walls. Why has no rebellion started yet? There are so many inmates, the guards can’t hold us all.

Example 1:
The cell gets placed into the Cell-Socket on a right click of the sign.
I even included the cell floor no one can build or break in except mods and above to move with the cell.
However, connected cells will not be a possibility.

Example 2:
Here’s a C-Cell, unlike the D-Cells, it is a bit bigger and therefore needs bigger sockets.

Example 3:
I’m not sure, if this should be a thing since D-Cells also fit into C-Sockets, but got a bit room.

Example 4:
People have been complaining about not having enough farming cells for eternity and is always answered for 80% of the complaining community.
With this here, anyone can have a farm, but the Farm-Sockets will be a rarity, when many people are in their cells all day. It also exterminates the possibility of getting more than 1 farm cell per player.
People will unclaim their socket, when they go too far away, for example for the mine or outside, that no one else but them themselves have to be there for their crops to grow.

Example 5:
Wait, I didn’t record this.
In Example 5 should be the clerk in each classification showing the dimensions of the cell and being able to claim cells, that run out of payment.
Yes, when you miss your time to pay for the cell, the cell will appear in there for at most an hour, the first 10 Minutes will be the time frame to claim it unharmed, the last 50 Minutes will be for everyone to come and take stuff away before it gets deleted.
The 50 Minutes are there, if there is more than 1 expired cell, that it can delete the one before by being placed in, if there is none coming, it will stay there.
New Players have the option to get a blank one or the expired one.

Here a poll on what the system should be, when you buy a cell of any kind:

  • +7 days on payment with max 28 days
  • +7 days on payment with max 7 days

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  • Every Player can have at most 1 Cell in each classification
  • Every Player can have more than 1 Cell in each classification, except farm

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Note: The existence of secret cells should not get removed, but will be very uncomfortable, when their size is not at least worth it.

There is limited farm cells for a reason…

I’m hoping farming gets removed.


I think they are keeping farming but they are nerfing it like a sht ton, it wont be worth it to farm next map trust me.


I cant wait for next map where the economy wont be trash

Pocket Cells will also nerf farming, to the point, that you have to stay at your farm and not let anyone else load the chunks for your crops to grow without your presence, like it is now.

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the cells rn are fine.

That’s way too complicated if they wanted to nerf farming. Just slow speeds of growth and lower money per crop.

How is this too complicated?
I got it working in singleplayer using structure blocks, so it is possible on a server, too.

I’m saying it’s complicated if you wanted to do it to specifically nerf farming when they’re are easier methods.

I don’t get why this should be put in place instead of the cells right now, I see no difference

Right now, you have to find an empty cell, that could take hours, if you don’t have a modification, that colors the sign in different colors based on the text.
First time I saw this was 2015 on a small channel, yet I still don’t know this mods’ name.
If you couldn’t find one, then you can either assume too many players still have their D cell, even though they are already in C or A, or dead players coming on every week to extend their cells.
This system removes the time to find a free cell to instantly get one, but there is something else that people don’t see yet, they think the cells should be limited, but I say, the cell sockets should be limited.
No need to build hundreds of hundreds of cells, when you can just build 30 cell sockets instead.

You see no difference, but I see a difference.

For singleplayer, it’s only complicated to get the save files straight, the structure block needs a name to save the cell in, I used ‘classification underscore cellnumber underscore uuid’ which looks like this “d_1_7fb4a75d24384ba5b2eecdc29f5b1bb7”, for the third A cell, it would be “a_3_7fb4a75d24384ba5b2eecdc29f5b1bb7”.
The video shows for each socket it’s own cell, because I am unable to transfer them to other cells, without them appearing in the former cell again or just make them disappear in the first cell, once i click on the next cell. It’s like copying them over and over and over without the ability to remove the former ones, that’s where the server comes into play.

I’m still rather confused.

I understand this part, this makes sense. But this next part…

This would just lead to less cells in general, right?

I’m extremely confused on the size part of pocket cells. I understand that the system automatically teleports you into a new cell, but why should we get rid of hundreds of larger cells only to replace them with fewer small cells?
Are these only for D and C block, or for B and A as well?

Lastly, my largest point of confusion, are these just cells that you use for only a few minutes or hours and then delete? Or are they meant to simply act as smaller versions of regular cells, for more players to have more cells?

Less cells in general, yes.
D Cells, C Cells, B Cells, A Cells and stationary secret cells.
In the poll are 2 systems for the duration of the cell.
The first is additional 7 days for each payment for max 28 days, the second is the current system.
Once the time for payment to keep the cell runs out, it gets loaded into the clerk’s cell for raid.

Oh, I see now, thank you!

In my opinion, cells shouldn’t be super easy to get. It should be possible, but I don’t think this system would work. I’ve seen systems like this, and they more tend to OP prison style. I have forwarded this post to Varmetek, and we will wait for his opinion. Thank you for posting this and have a great day!

EDIT: Varmetek has read it and if you want his opinion he said you can message him and he will tell you.

Due to public interest, I decided to make my opinion public.

Virtual cells that appear only when needed is a cool idea but I fail to see how this will change the game-play.

I understand that your two main problems with the current cell system is that finding an empty cell is slow and that the system results in wasted space. You are correct in both of those points. I will consider creating a command that teleports players to an empty cell to correct the first problem. For wasted space, I believe that pocket cells is not an answer as both systems will create wasted space. Here is why.

Even with the dynamic utilization of cell space, we will still need to create enough cells to handle the worse case scenario. Sure the current map 6 may not have more than 30 cells used in a given hour, but on the launch of any map you can expect 100s of players utilizing cells so 100+ cell spaces will be created for the map. Therefore, there will be wasted space from the unused cells either way.

This system also creates some new game-play problems that I have yet to answer. Since cell contents are not persistent, how will block updates which control smelting, hopper mechanics, and farming work? How will friends and gang members visit your cell without using a large menu?
Will cell hunting still be a part of prison if I can’t mark a cell for later to claim it as it expires? Will awesome loot in an expired cell from a high tier player be deleted forever if no one is online to claim the items within 50 minutes?

In summary, this is an interesting concept that can become great with more thought.


There is a third problem, that is only in the farms, loading chunks of your own farm, while also loading chunks of other’s farms, who use you to go away from their farm and get everything from their farm, as if they had afked there themselves.

Structure blocks block-update every block by themselves, just like fill and clone does, didn’t think this would be a problem on a 1.7 server.
Try it yourself, WorldEdit created sand falls on block-update, but /fill created sand falls immediately.

RandomTickSpeed is a fascinating thing, it can grow farmables in a 5x5 chunks area with the player being in the center chunk, and for each such area is given x amount of blocks per tick to check for an update, that is defined in the randomTickSpeed gamerule, which is by default 3.
Wheat and other crops not only can grow by one stage, they have a 50% chance to refuse to grow.
Cactus and Sugarcane have 15 stages, before they grow another one of itself on top.
Not sure about melon and pumpkins, don’t even know if they can refuse to grow the fruit to the side.
As mentioned above, only the owner of the farm cell should be present for the crops to grow, going to the mine or outside should unclaim the socket and save it’s current state, I think the spawn is fine.

I am not sure about security, but a creative server all about creating computers and computer components only lets trusted players build and break on a plot, when the plot owner is online, so when the cell owner doesn’t load it in, no one can steal. But this can be subject to change for those, who really trust their gang and friends.
In a poll, I asked about the amount of cells possible for a player, only one would not let a gui pop up, but the majority wants more, so a gui will happen anyway, so don’t worry about it going big.

Cell hunting is integrated into the raid feature.

We can also add a condition of at least x amount of players online for the raid cycle to continue.

I agree. :3
Too bad I can’t make it into a datapack without running into too many problems.

Just got an idea for the launch problem.
How about a timer?
When the owner of a socket is not present, but did nothing to get the socket unclaimed, players can right click the sign and know when they can get the socket.
The timer starts once someone clicks on that sign, the current owner gets notified every 10 minutes to show up and click the sign to put it on a 30 minutes cooldown.
Once the timer hits 0, the socket does not immediately gets unclaimed, it’s basically like a deleted file, it still exists, but doesn’t exist at the same time, it has to be overwritten, in other words, the socket is unclaimed, once someone claims it.
The exclusive exception of the timer feature are the farms.