[Preparation] MunchyMC IRL v10 {Anniversary Edition}

Hey There Friends!

It’s been a long way since the first Munchy IRL was posted to YouTube in 2017! (Technically there was one before it in 2016, but it doesn’t exist anymore)

If you didn’t know, I worked in collaboration with @iiRaidz and @Sowl on the most recent Munchy IRL. Although most of you probably didn’t know most of the people in that video, the Anniversary Edition will be made to appeal to all of the audiences that were on MunchyMC (from 2015 - 2019)!

So since this project will be quite big… I’m going to have submissions for MunchyMC IRL v10 open for an entire MONTH!!! So if you want to participate in it, you will have till August 6th to submit your best photo to my discord which is: LiamTBN#2190.

To make it easier for the team that will be working on it we ask that you send your photos in a format like the one that follows:

1. Picture(s).
2. The Account name that you want to be associated with.
3. The year that the account joined.
4. A catchphrase you are known by.

Just make sure that when you submit this to make sure THERE ARE NO WORDS ON THE PICTURE. Filters are allowed though. Since you can submit as many pictures that you want, we will choose one of the pictures that fits the best.

Also, only REAL pictures will be used (No Fake Pictures Like Inanimate Objects)

Thank you all for 10 MunchyIRLs :smiley:


Yay so I can submit my picture of Ricardo :heart_eyes:

whats the point in making a video if u want people to submit the pcis to the forum post

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(I’m the one on the left)

i didn’t get the attention/laughs i thought I would
also: this isn’t me


i better see gabe in there


R.I.P. gabe ;-;

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I made the official Munchy irl V9 you toaster head :o Anyway you stole me thunder xD

No one cares who made what @82602 and anyways Kritictemp started the IRL shit before he went insane(This does not include MCPVP).

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2. BRO3256
3. 2015
4. "I only upload Doraemon memes"

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He said in discord.

Omg I want your doggy

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whoops my bad lol

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It feels like it’s been 2 months. :sweat_smile:

It hasn’t yet, but the time is coming soon :smiley: Time Is Running Out, Be Sure To Tell Everyone You Know to Join xD

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What is minimum join date, 2015??

Due to request from certain users, the Munchy IRL will stay open till the 20th of August!

Thank you to everyone that has participated this far! We have some great entries.


Why do munchy staff always pin their own posts globally that aren’t even relevant.


Why do MunchyMC ex staff always get mad over stuff that isn’t relevant to them? (He knows im joking lol) @bikeski


:joy::joy::joy: just asking a question.