Possible Gamemode-Skyblock

Skyblock nowadays is very popular, so I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be fun if MunchyMC added skyblock? I know some people might not enjoy the idea of this, but it would only be optional. Maybe we could add a fun twist like what Hypixel did. They have over 15,000 concurrent players at a time on skyblock, which proves it works!

skyblock is straight up survival, boring IMO, also what hypixel does to its gamemodes twists them beyond what the gamemode (skyblock on hypixel is a literal mix of prison and mcmmo, and their UHC is not UHC at all) so if there was a twist to put into skyblock better be something that doesnt turn it into a different gamemode

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+1, and hypixel ruins skyblock by making you go to a hub world where you can get everything. @Lil_Makoto

I don’t think Munchy wants used up ideas, when they already rejected lots of these unoriginal ideas.
They want to be the first server with such ideas. (except kitpvp, 1v1, hg, prison)
There are many ways to make skyblock unique, hypixel made it beyond unique;

SkyBlock on Hypixel is a mix of Idle and RPG.
Idle as in let your minions work the whole day to harvest their materials once a day, resulting in being on at most an hour for both profiles.
RPG as in able to discover the material’s minions, armor with rarity, enchantments and extra stats, armor, weapons and tools with extra abilities.
Skyblock on other servers have:
No currency as a number in /bal, more as cobble, which can be traded into coal, coal blocks to lapis, lapis blocks to iron, iron blocks to gold, gold blocks to either diamond or emerald, which can be traded into redstone or other things. (no orespawn plugin)
Slimefun plugin, the vanilla server plugin, that turns the gameplay into a modded feeling.
OreSpawn plugin, which spawns blocks, based on a setup file, in a cobble generator.
Unable to explain these, but I avoid PvP: SavageGames, SaicoSky, TheArchon.

No it doesn’t, sure you only get the items there, but minions can continue in your stead on your island, even when you log off.
Enderpearls, Ice and Sand are the only materials, that you can only get on your own island.
Technically, sand is mostly from the hub, but when you place the desert island, then the sand source is only on your island for you to be able to unlock the sand minion.

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