[POLL] Which items would you buy in Survival?

This is a simple poll asking several questions on whether or not the Survival community would like a certain set of blocks/items over others. This is nothing other than that.


  • Calcite
  • Book and Quill

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  • Written Book (non specific)
  • Locked Map (non specific)

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  • Spyglass
  • Snow Block

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Will close at 50 votes.


I don’t see candles.



  • Candle
  • Amethyst Shard

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Will close at 25 votes.

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Yayyy :candle:

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i dont really know

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Closing this poll because nobody has been voting, apologies! (14-20 voters)

  • (1) Book and Quill

  • (2) Locked Map

  • (3) Spyglass

  • (4) Candle

This was just a poll to test the waters for what the majority of the Survival community (on the forums) would like to buy in terms of items. When I made the poll, I definitely overestimated how many people in the Survival community would vote on a poll of mine.


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