Poll Week - #6


Week Numero 6! Hey everyone, I wanted to personally congratulate CryptWarrior. Yesterday, he got accepted as Survival Mod. I met him one month ago and he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He’s mature, kind, and patient. Good job and well deserved!


Which rank is your favorite? (if you had to pick one)


What is your favorite season?

  • Fall
  • Summer
  • Winter (Cheater_)
  • Spring

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Winter because then it is my birthday, X-mas, new year and last but not least, SINTERKLAAS!

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winter gang

Winter because I love snow and ice. Plus hockey season!


Hockey season…

Boops’ vote is worth more than Intrepids one lol.

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Winter gang

Why does it say Winter (cheater_) ??

Why not? Hehe

Autumn is infinitely better than Fall change my mind.

Swaps your mind with the spare I keep

You already know Joshios is losing ideas when he makes random polls like " What’s your favorite season? "

At least ask polls about MunchyMc man!


Here in Texas it’s always summer, it’s cold 5 days of the year, so I love winter.

Summer because I love warmer weather and struggle to deal with the cold. Also who doesn’t love summer in Christmas! GOOD TIMEZONE BTW! :upside_down_face:

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I live in Arizona so when it’s summer it gets up to 110+ degrees, and winter is low 50s high 40s, but fall is perfect weather

Winter because cute sweaters and lots of blankets! :snowflake:

(Also because winter doesn’t even get that cold in Australia anyway.)

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I live in Florida! 60 degrees Fahrenheit is cold! (15 degrees Celsius)

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because joshios is in love with you i think…

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Winter is the best hands down :snowman_with_snow: :blue_heart:

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Keep telling yourself that till you believe it xD
jk LOL :laughing: