Please bring back Kit shop, i am poor and I don’t have money to afford kits

Why was kit shop taken down? Were there bugs and are they fixed? I know y’all want make some $$$, but the ranks weren’t cutting it huh? @BadBoyHalo won a 10k dollar tournament and he’s spending it on muffins ;0 Not even a charity lol. I think poor people such as myself should be able to buy kits again with tokens


I’m pretty sure it was taken down due to a bug originally, but I’m not sure if it has been fixed yet.

Sorry for wasting your time the point I’m trying to make is Poor people = Don’t have money = Can’t buy Kits = ;( But if kitshop were to come back and you can use ur tokens then Poor People = :wink: cause they can buy kits. And for now Tokens in KitPVP is literally useless, the only thing you can do is /repair and /rod.

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I don’t know. bad told me a couple of months ago that it should be back soon (1 week) it has been 2 or 3 months since

Please bring it back!!!

I was told it would’ve been fixed in a week or so, but I asked this months ago… sooo


What needs to happen is a more formal update where they can fix issues related to bugs, balance changes, and all other stuff. I’m talking another major update, similar to the update when ninja got nerfed.


Ninja did not get nerfed, it got buffed.