Noclip glitch with Vampire kit

JUST WATCH THE VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND! if you still don’t instructions below the video.

On a bat, you go to the wall than click SHIFT to get off the bat, and you will get through half blocks like glass panes. On full blocks, you need to do the same thing but after you get in the wall you need to do it again to go all the way through, On corners it’s easier.

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Yes, this glitch is already noted and has been reported before. This is also possible with shrek kit as you are able to use the shrek ability to phase a player through the block vertically.

In addition, this glitch is much to near useless as there is basically no use for it, on the current map there is barely any pieces of voidable glass that you can perform this glitch on. Also, you have done this glitch quite far out of the map, which means near to none players would have seen this, nor making no effect.

If you have any further regards, please direct them to my discord

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Thanks you too!

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