Newbasii's builder appeal

IGN and past IGN’s: My ign its Newbasii my past ign was Dm_Dqrky
Timezone: Europe GMT+0
Discord username: TeamPlz[Прости]#5119
How long have you played MunchyMC?: i did joined b4 1 year i think ? or 6-8 months
Please link a portfolio of all your most recent build projects: This is my first kit pvp map
Please tell us more about your FAVOURITE and PROUDEST build: I do like building Kit pvp maps , Pvp arenas and more of this ?Small? builds
How experienced are you with World Edit, Voxel and other relevant plugins?: I think iam okay because I do know the basics
Describe your build specialty and weaknesses (detailing, terraforming, structures, etc.):So now, I think my weakness would be creativity, many of builds I make are very generic, My specialty would be terrain, I can make some really nice designs
What is your history of building? Which build teams and/or servers have you worked for in the past? : i just started so i hope Munchymc is gonna by my fisrt one :smiley:
Describe yourself : Hi my name is Thanasis and iam 16 years old and i leave in greece. I love to play basketball and kick box in my free time

A kitpvp map is good and relevant in this case, but it is too small. you need to remember that there will be 100+ players playing simultaneously, that map looks like it can fit >50 players. when it is that small, it is also difficult to fit many details in the build and therefore it looks like it lacks details. your houses are great and I think it would be a safer bet for you to build a small city with more of those houses. your terraforming that we see in this map isn’t great, the colours are a little noisy and it’s a small hill, this would also be fixable by scaling things up. your houses shouldn’t be one of the main parts, but an addition to everything else on the map.

You should also include more builds that show us that you are flexible and that your building isn’t just a few tutorials put together but a skill that you can put into other things. I’m giving this a +0 for now, good luck!

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If iam gonna work for munchy, they are gonna be bigger.This is just a try

You need to add more builds in order for your application to get accepted. You can still add new builds, since getting accepted will take a couple days.

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i dont have more tbh but iam working on something big + for something in munchy surprice :stuck_out_tongue:

As mentioned before by others, very very small builds. I would add more builds that also don’t look so rushed and messy. Normally mountains don’t look like sideways plates ya know?
Take a look at accepted applications for examples of what we expect.

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i do working for something big rn. But bscly this is my only build atm iam working on something :stuck_out_tongue: <3

-5, Terraform is looks like an ms paint drawing, very sloppy and uncoordinated. Very copy and pasty. Cannot view structures from the high ground angle.

ms paint drawings are beautiful

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Thanks for applying @Dm_Dqrky
Please consider reapplying in the future with a larger portfolio.

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