New Kit for kit pvp

I thought of a good kit idea, And so that brings me here to share it with all of you!

Cactus Kit.
Armor: A combination of chainmail and leather armor to get an entire set of armor. Enchantments are thorns level depends on what you think would be fair with all the other kits. And unbreaking, because items break if you throw it at a cactus, so unbreaking would fit with it well.

Special Abilities:
An ability that shoots three or more thorns in the direction we are facing that gives poison. In the same way, dragon breath uses its ability to burn people.

My thoughts:
I think it would be used as a defensive kit Because each time someone attacks someone they also get damaged.
I thought of this kit because other kits don’t have damage reflect ability.

I am open to critique :slight_smile: Please tell me your thoughts if you think this would be an awesome kit to have in the game!
Tell me if you think something should be changed to make it fit in better with the other kits, And have a
good day!

I don’t play kitpvp but this kit sounds like it would be cool! :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, It really helps!

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Thorns is incredibly annoying to fight against. I would say if it had to be added, give it weak armor.

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So its just the slingshot kit with prickles as a defence mechanism?

I wouldnt recommend this kit as it seems fairly underpowered yet overpowered. What I mean by this is that the armor is doo-doo, but the special ability seems pretty cool. On the second hand though, I do get a slingshot vibe of just arrows shooting out of the players chest data value.

Now I dont know what you exactly mean by this, but you cant actually throw away stuff in the normal casual warp due to the severe lag it would cause. Also unbreaking wouldnt really effect thorns on the cactus block as cactus deals true damage. This means it ignores your defence and keeps on prickling you as if you had no armor on. If you mean by thorns, this would be a nice addon.

Anyways I would give this kit like a 7/10, its fairly balanced but I still get a weird vibe of it

I do not understand the slingshot part.
But yes I meant by thorns.