My Builder application

IGN and past IGN’s: cactusbros77 **Timezone:**Eastern Indonesia Time Discord username: cactusbros77#3718 How long have you played MunchyMC?: I started playing Munchy about 4 months ago. Please link a portfolio of all your most recent build projects:

Please tell us more about your FAVOURITE and PROUDEST build: My best build by far was a HUGE Kit PvP map I made sadly the owner of the server I made it for deleted it before I could screenshot it. :cry: How experienced are you with World Edit, Voxel and other relevant plugins?: I know all the WorldEdit commands I am very comfortable with WorldEdit. Describe your build specialty and weaknesses (detailing, terraforming, structures, etc.): My strengths are details and terraforming its all been very good and easy for me structures have been a little harder but not that bad i’m okay at structures. What is your history of building? Which build teams and/or servers have you worked for in the past? I have been builder on many servers most of which made a huge profit and I have owned my own server and have quite a lot of deving experience too. Describe yourself: I’m 14 and live in Papua Indonesia I was born in the United States though so I am not Indonesian. I love to make big maps and cool detailed houses such has mansions and castles I also love to make dragons I made a Chinese Dragon around a island sadly the build was deleted. I am very active I would be on for about 5-6 hours a day to build maps, stuff, and anything the server needs. :joy: Thanks for considering me! :joy:

Who is this?

You will need photos of your builds to be even considered to join the build team. Consider bolding questions to make your application neat and organized as well as it being easier to read.

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Okay, I understand since its not correct could you send me the correct format for the application I couldn’t find it.

@cactusbros77 It is the correct format. You just didn’t add any builds to your portfolio.

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I finished.

@xKamilion Agree with kami.

Your application is a little messy and difficult to read, not that it matters though. You have only included two builds in your application, and both are small scaled, I can’t tell what the second one is, but your castle is good. terraforming could deffinitevly use some work though. sorry but -0.25 from me, good luck though!

Thanks for your opinion! :smile:

I will be adding a Kit PvP map I am making right now I will put it in the application when its done!

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What do you mean?

-1 Builds are basic, way too simple.
Try to get a bit known in the community first(I’m not sure if you are never seen you on before) so people can experience how you are in game and as a person, try to show builds that show your true skill, if you’re good at detailing show some builds with details in them, show your terraforming skills etc. not just a few images.

Good Luck tho.

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I agree with @Wowies !

I am making a huge detailed Kit PvP map right now once it is done which will be today or tomorrow I will send a few screenshots of it!

Thanks for applying @cactusbros77
Sadly, your maps aren’t really what we are looking for right now.