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WoolWars is an original game on MunchyMC! This guide was designed to help the reader understand the basics of the game and answer a few frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents:

What is WoolWars?

In a normal game, there will be anywhere between 5 and 24 players in a WoolWars game. You must use your wool to stack up to avoid touching the rising sandstone. There are numerous chests scattered around that contain important contents that will help you succeed.

In WoolWars, various kits will help you achieve victory in your WoolWars game! Use your kit’s ability for a fair advantage over others!

There are various types of games, including:

  • Duels
  • Parties
  • Tournaments
  • Private Games

Every time you win a game or get a kill, it is counted in your statistics. If your statistics are really good, you can end up on the leaderboards!

The last player alive wins the game!

WoolWars Kits

Kits are things that give special abilities to the players using them. There are about 24 of these kits, all of which are unique in their own way.

How can I earn a kit?

Kits cost 3500 tokens in the token shop, which can be accessed via the WoolWars lobby or the hub. There is more information about the tokens below. Alternatively, you may purchase a kit from the store for 5 dollars. When you purchase the kit, you have it permanently.

What kits are there?

@Idealist made a comprehensive guide of all WoolWars kits, abilities, strategies. You will be able to see all the available kits there!

Free Kit Rotation

When in a WoolWars game, there will be a few kits that are free for everyone to use. These 5 or 6 kits do not need to be purchased to be used during that rotation.

Free Kit Mode

Free Kit Mode is when all kits will be free to all players to be used. Free Kit Mode will typically last for an hour, but sometimes it can be up to a day. Free Kit Mode costs 1000 tokens.

WoolWars Maps

Map Rotation

The Map Rotation is when certain maps are used and can be played on. The maps that you see in a WoolWars game are all in the current map rotation. If you wish to know which maps are in this, I suggest you take a look at @beanep’s guide on map rotations!

Creating a Map

If you are interested in creating a map, make sure your map is in 1.8.9, and be sure to include parkour! Not only that, but there are many other requirements to a good WoolWars map! Take a look at this guide if interested in creating one. If your map is deemed good enough, it will be added! If not, don’t be discouraged because you’ll many many more opportunities to make one!

New Map Monday

New Map Monday is where a new map created by the community or build/staff team will be added to the map pool. If you ever wish to see which maps are added, take a look at this topic!

Map Voting

During your WoolWars game, you will be asked to use either the command /like or /dislike to see whether or not you like a map. This is pretty straightforward: if you like the map (aesthetically, easy movement, etc.) then use the /like command. If not, use /dislike.

Other WoolWars Versions

Apart from the normal version of WoolWars, there are a few extra ways WoolWars can actually be played to make it more fun!


Duels are a 1v1 version of WoolWars where two players compete against each other in a WoolWars game. To do this, people with the SUPER rank or higher will be able to use the command /duel [player] to duel any online player! Additionally, someone with a rank will be able to do /spectate [player] to spectate!

Party Games

Party Games are games in a party. The command /p create will create a party and you can invite any online player to your party! When you’re ready, anyone with the SUPER rank or higher will be able to use the command /p game to start a game in the party!

Private Games

Private Games are as the name suggests; it creates a private game! Using the command /pvgame as a SUPER rank or higher, you will see a list of commands, where you will be able to make a private game!

Tournaments / Events

Tournaments are where up to 100 players will be in a WoolWars game on one of the event maps (Tournament Camp, Kevin, or Flag Wars). This will usually be a normal WoolWars game except for the size of the map and the number of people. Typically when winning, you will receive a prize. Only staff will be able to host tournaments, but anyone will be able to join using the command /joinevent.

Other non-tournament types of events can also be hosted by staff. For example, some staff occasionally host “abuse” games where they blacklist a certain item, give everyone a certain ability, spawn in mobs, et cetera. When staff host event games, you may use the command /joinevent when it stays a staff member is hosting.


Tokens are very important in WoolWars. As the WoolWars currency, there are many ways of getting tokens and there are also ways to use them.

Earning Tokens

To earn tokens on WoolWars, you can do any of the following:

  • Getting a Kill - 5 tokens each
  • Winning a Game - 25 tokens/game
  • Registering - 3500 tokens

Additionally, using the Random Kit option gives you a 1.25x token multiplier, so getting a kill gets you 6 tokens!

Use of Tokens in WoolWars

Here are some uses of tokens on the WoolWars server:

  • Buying a Kit - 3500 tokens
  • Free Kit Mode - 1000 tokens
  • Creating a Clan - 1000 tokens
  • Upgrading your Clan (Levels + Ranks)

@SierAlex and @Atterax have created a guide on token usage on the KitPvP and WoolWars servers if interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is teaming allowed?

A: Teams of up to two players are permitted. If you see a team of 3 or higher, create a report with sufficient evidence. If you can’t gain evidence, use /report.

Q: What perks does this rank give?

A: This depends on the rank. If you have SUPER, you will have access to more cosmetics in the WoolWars lobby (e.g. fly, infinite double jump, et cetera). You will also have access to the command /duel and /spectate and you will get more kits. If you have ELITE or higher, you will have access to all kits and everything SUPER gives.

Q: What commands are there?

A: @HELIXSREVENGE made this very useful guide explaining all the WoolWars commands! I recommend checking it out!

Q: What rank color is this?

A: If you wish to know what a certain rank is, the command /who will show you what each rank is and who is online (works for all servers)! Additionally, here is a rundown:


SUPER :diamonds:
ELITE :diamonds:
LEGEND :diamonds:
HELPER :large_blue_diamond:
JMOD :large_blue_diamond:
MOD :large_blue_diamond:
SMOD :large_blue_diamond:
ADMIN :large_blue_diamond:

Where :diamonds: is a donor rank and :large_blue_diamond: is a staff rank. In order from last to first on /who.

Q: Someone is abusing a bug in a WoolWars game. What do I do?

A: Report them with sufficient evidence. If you can’t, use /report!

Q: I accidentally purchased the wrong kit. What do I do?

A: Create a support ticket here if you have accidentally purchased a kit that you do not want. Please be patient for a response.

Q: I purchased a kit, but it says I don't own it. What do I do?

A: Create a support ticket here.

Q: How can I reset my stats?

A: If you want to reset your statistics, do the command /resetstats. You will have to confirm it because the change is permanent. Use it wisely; you can only use it once.

Thank you for reading this guide. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me a message on the forums! Originally made by @ThunderPickles.


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