MunchyMC Trick or Treat Kitpvp Halloween Event Begins Now!

From now until October 31st we’ve changed the map on Kitpvp to a Spooky Halloween Map. Come check it out.

However things about the map will change frequently and there will be strange things you should keep your eyes out for as the days go on. You should also keep your eyes out for these:

They will Appear Periodically around the map and you can get tricks or treats from them. Open them at your own risk by right clicking the ender chest. You might get something good or bad. For example, there is a chance you could earn some nice token rewards.

Let us know what you think, and thank you to @1BowStringer for the idea! You’ve been given a gift in return.

Happy Halloween and Happy October to all!


I love it, even with falcons coming to steal all of them lolol. Also thanks for the elite I guess… even though I have all the kits lol

Edit: Heyyyy… @ThunderPickles any word back that MAYYYYBE vampire could be reappearing hmmm? :333


I love it!! It’ll be so exciting!

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You can always give it to me :wink:
This is pretty sick, its fun just going around looking for the chests as well. Awesome map change too!


Feel free to give me that elite :ok_hand:

Thanks for the cool idea Bow! Love ya bb

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This is too scary :crying_cat_face: I don’t know if I can play this :crying_cat_face:


Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat not too big not to small just the size of Montreal

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