MunchyMC Newsletter - September 2018


MunchyMC Newsletter - Edition 10

Munchies :smile_cat: another month has passed, and it’s time to remember the most major events that took place in September :smile_cat: I also added something new: community polls, which will be apart of the newsletters from here on out to make this a little more interactive. :smile_cat: here we go!


Congratulations to all who were promoted to a position this month :smile_cat: .

First off, @blokbasher is officially our freshest Event Team member :smile_cat: tell him to host Sumo every five seconds :smile_cat: .

@_MythicalSheep is back on the Build Team after a long hiatus. Please welcome her back :smile_cat: .

We have new JMods this month: give a big congrats to @Khrome & @lZayl for their achievement :smile_cat:.

Our newest Helpers are @kitcaaat & @BananaSkin_PVP! They are fully authorized to help you now :smile_cat:.


Hardcore Games RETURNS!

Kinda’, at least :smile_cat:. The old HG we know and love is making a return as a now-playable automated event that can be hosted can any Event/Staff member. Complete with some kits, Soup or Gold style, and the game-changing Feast, it is just like the good ol’ days :smile_cat:. Spam all the event members asking them to host HG today!

Varmetek Q&A

Taking on a monumental role recently in the community is @Varmetek, who has been assisting Munchy for a minute now as a Developer. We have the pleasure of knowing a little more about who he is this month :smile_cat:.

1. What is your primary role within Munchy?

“I’m a developer on the Munchy network whos’ main concentration is on the Prison server. #MapSixHype!”

2. What have you coded for Munchy thus far?

“My more noticeable projects are the Wager Duel System, some new Rares, and weekly bug fixes on Prison.”

3. Which Prison map has been your favorite?

“Map 2 was definitely my favorite map. The outside map was fun to travel around.”

4. Do you have a coding background outside of Minecraft?

“I used to code some really crappy games in middle school using Game Maker and then later using Unity.”

5. What is your favorite kind of cake (besides red velvet :smirk_cat:)?

“Lemon cakes cannot be beat!”

6. Would you rather stay in an airplane 10,000 feet above the ground, or in a submarine 1,000 feet below the ocean, for 24 hours?

“I would take the airplane. As cool as the deep look would seem, I wouldn’t be able to see anything at 1,000 feet under.”

7. Would you join Tech Gang if you could?

“Tech Gang is best gang (Don’t yell at me @saladbutter)!”

Reee :smirk_cat:

8. Favorite meme?

“One does not simply pick a favorite meme.”

9. If you could ask a question and get the complete truth, what question would you ask?

“How does gravity work?”

10. Slide me Prison Map 6 leaks?

“Are you in a gang yet?” :wink:

Thanks a lot Varm :smile_cat:

Community Polls

- Results are PUBLIC!!! :smile_cat:

I’ve been waiting an entire month to ask this question:

1. Who is this man? @EsioTrot64 @Warlock505


  • EsioTrot64
  • Warlock505
  • Leonardo DiCaprio

0 voters

2. Which style of Hardcore Games (HG) do you prefer?

  • Soup
  • Gold

0 voters

3. [TheGreatestCoder] Callahan @Callahan

  • good meme
  • oof
  • Cyber: April Fools Day already?
  • Callahan is actually a decently skilled Developer that has allowed Munchy to advance and improve in various aspects surrounding the server and without his dedication Munchy would be screwed and he does not deserve to be made fun of when in reality he is a backbone for the entire network and we do not appreciate him enough for his effort in keeping Munchy a fun server to play on through his numerous gameplay additions and bug fixes and general maintenance throughout the network :callahan:

0 voters

That’s It!

For real, there wasn’t a whole lot going on but I made it work :smile_cat: another successful month for Munchy, am I right? :smile_cat: I encourage everyone to do something big in the month of October so I can get more content :smile_cat: yes :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat: catch me next month :smile_cat: for more cat emojis :smile_cat:.


Awesome newsletter @CatTech!

PS I’m going to try to hide my disapproval of Lemon Cake being Varm’s favourite cake :cake:


Great newsletter!


Great newsletter CatTech!


Gj as always :kissing_cat:


Woah what I thought that was Frank Sinatra

I getchu

Great newsletter as always CatTech! I love them all :smiley:

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Another great newsletter!! :+1:
Thanks CatTech for the amazing and very entertaining newsletter and I look forward to reading the next one :blush:


As good as always Mr. CatTech. Keep up the good work! :cat2: mew


@Varmetek WHAT THE HECK BRO!!! not cool :triumph::triumph::triumph:

oh and ALSO i have the answer to your question. gravity works because if you rearrange the letters it spells salad, which is code for salad. Your answer is salad Varm, gravity works because of salad.


Amazing newsletter Cat! :smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smirk_cat::joy_cat::smile_cat:

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HG releases on Munchy
Munchy rebrands it to have gold
Munchy shoe horns in Skeppy later on
Munchy removes HG
Moves HG to KitPvP

At least we can play the game how it was intended.

Oh yeah nice newsletter


I see how it is @Warlock505 and @CatTech:thinking: , i see the conspiracy to overthrow me. Jokes aside great news letter!


This isn’t a new thing— it’s actually an underground gang that most people have joined to overthrow you. Just thought you should know.


Great NewsLetter as always!!


So there was something I forgot to mention…our progress with new guides on the forums :smile_cat: this month we rolled out some fresh informationals:

KitPvP - Introduction Guide by @KawaiiGrill

Smash - Kit Guide by @Nikolas

Purgatory Guide by @MacaroniGrill

Thanks for your work :smile_cat: here’s to more guides this month, if I can think of anything that needs to be done that is :smile_cat:.


Yes, Callahan is a great developer please credit him for his amazing new mini-game Snakie in the next newsletter!