MunchyMC Newsletter - October 2018


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 11

Ahh, Munchies :smile_cat: October is at its’ end and, well, okay you know what no one reads this intro thing so let’s get on with that already right CatTech riiight :smile_cat:


Do I remember everyone who was promoted this month? Let’s find out :smile_cat:

Two young men have achieved JMod this month: @Nikolas and @KawaiiGrill! :smile_cat:

@Craz33 has been chosen as our next Prison Staff member :smile_cat:

@NoEffortName is our newest, pinkest Helper :smile_cat:

Although not official yet, the applications of @oizn and @Purppz have been selected for review :smile_cat:

@oBears has dropped the J and is now Moderator :smile_cat:

@Brush_Your_Teeth is our newest Forum Moderator :smile_cat:

and @cheater, o hai :smile_cat:

Now Munchies, this is still speculation, but if my sources are correct, @JoshyYT may be appointed to a very special position in the near future. I won’t tell you what though :smirk_cat:.

Nice work you people :smile_cat: climbing the ranks :smile_cat:

Munchy Halloween

Thanks to the work of our Build Team we got to enjoy a nice spooky theme of our well-known map :smile_cat: and indulge in the Halloween spirit :smile_cat:

Credit to @saladbutter for the epic pic :smile_cat:

And surely you must have seen these special chests lying about the map, and have gotten tons of golden apples and tokens and repairs, yeah :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat: NO :pouting_cat: why do I… KEEP GETTING MY SOUL DECIMATED :pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat: I targeted @Sadneo in Super Sumo ONE time, I DON’T DESERVE THIS :pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat: but yeah, personally I’m glad for the hard work and effort the Builders and the Devs put in to having this little update :smile_cat: can’t wait for next year :smile_cat:

Triple Q&A - KawaiiGrill, Nikolas, and Craz33

With the recent promotions of these fellows, it was best that we got to know them a tad more :smile_cat: here’s a triple Q&A with @KawaiiGrill, @Nikolas, and @Craz33.

Q1: What country are you living in?

KawaiiGrill: Austria

Nikolas: The US! But I moved here from the UK

Craz33: USA, Alabama

Q2: Favorite KitPvP Kit?

KawaiiGrill: Hornet because it’s well rounded and has a lot of strengths to play with (decent burst damage with stinger, a dash and no fall damage)

Nikolas: Tank because I’m a noob and I need the extra armor

Craz33: Slingshot/Archer

Q3: Favorite Fruit?

KawaiiGrill: Blackberries

Nikolas: Passion Fruit

Craz33: Oranges

Q4: If Munchy’s logo did not feature a zombie, it would instead have ___.

KawaiiGrill: First things that come to mind would be something related to munching. Maybe pizza?!

Nikolas: A cupcake or something else foodish

Craz33: A cake

Q5: Would you rather eat a box of dry spaghetti noodles or a cup or uncooked rice?

KawaiiGrill: If I can use sauce I would take the rice for sure!

Nikolas: A box of dry spaghetti…both sound unpleasant though tbh

Craz33: Dry spaghetti noodles

Q6: What auto-event do you enjoy the most?

KawaiiGrill: No teaming mode…just kidding. My favorite event would be either War or Solo Dodgeball

Nikolas: Super Sumo!

Craz33: Free Kits

Q7: Would you rather be a master at bowling or curling?

KawaiiGrill: Bowling. Seems like a skill that you would be able to show off compared to curling because it’s an activity that is much more common

Nikolas: Bowling

Craz33: Bowling

Q8: Favorite Cat Emoji (very important)?

KawaiiGrill: Smirk Cat! I would also like to see a thinking cat emoji

Nikolas: Mmm they’re all equally…good?

Craz33: :smirk_cat:

Goood answers lads, hmm :smile_cat:

A Legendary New Rank

Just this week, BadBoyHalo himself dropped a new rank outta NOWHERE :scream_cat: and I dropped 30 dollars on it before he announced the discount :pouting_cat: however, the new LEGEND rank has a few cool perks that stand out:

  • Epic BLUE tag with the squiggles :smirk_cat:
  • 30,000 tokens included with purchase :scream_cat:
  • Type in COLORS :smile_cat: rainbow spam
  • Ability to host Legend-exclusive events, as part of our new Event system overhaul :smile_cat:
  • 100% increased tokens on player kills :smirk_cat:

Community Polls

Press F if you've been banned for Ping Spoofing this month.

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  • F but in bold

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Throughout the Halloween Event, have the chests you opened been more Tricks or Treats?

  • Tricks
  • Treats
  • soul decimation :skull:

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cheater_: "Canadians are evil"

  • sorry
  • no u
  • reee

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That's It!

Well done everyone on another successful month :smile_cat: some cool things took place and we should strive to be like this every month :smile_cat: full of excitement yes. As always if you have another suggestions you want me to hear concerning the newsletter do tell me :smile_cat: and see you next month I think :smile_cat:


Okay like actually, do you unlist these or somethin? I didn’t see last months one either unitl you pinned it…
Great newsletter like always :smile_cat:


Amazing newsletter, again! Great job and keep up the awesome work. :clap::clap::clap:


That pic was so epic beast mode time like a boss :triumph::smirk::smirk_cat:


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Canadians are evil!!!


Hmu if you want a drawing from me for the next newsletter :wink:


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