MunchyMC Newsletter - November 2018


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 12 - November 2018

Another exciting month has concluded at Munchy :smile_cat: and now’s the time to recap on everything that’s happened this month :smile_cat: a lot of changes came to Munchy this month, read on to get the full fix :smile_cat:


A bunch of members have gotten some well-earned promotions this month :smile_cat::

@vortex1000 & @TheKindKitten now represent Munchy as Media members :smile_cat:

@Baqel is a Helper and Event member again :smile_cat:

@blokbasher, @82602IsBack, & @_MythicalSheep joined the Event team this month :smile_cat:

@Gould, @iiRaidz, & @TheRedVelvetCake are now complete Moderators :smile_cat:

@TheCyberCreeper has upgraded from Mod to Senior Mod :smile_cat: big congrats crepe :smile_cat:

@BFI01 is now managing the Idea team :smile_cat:

and…I think that’s all :smile_cat:

Event Automation

Thanks to the brilliant developing work of the Munchy savior @Callahan, popular events Water Drop and Red Rover have been added as a full-auto event :smile_cat:. They are not available for players to host just yet, but we can expect this in the near future :smile_cat:…RIP Event Team :smile_cat:.

KitPvP - Season 2 Tournament Finale

Can you believe Season 2 ends tomorrow? :smile_cat: We’ll call this a “projection”, but there’s still a full day left to grind some kills and place higher :smile_cat: Here are the top 10 players in each prize category as of now :smile_cat::

Top Kills

1. @benng19 - 5,118
2. Relty306 - 4,741
3. RickyThirtyThree (@MapFour) - 4,153
4. @Fryga - 3,164
5. Qvail - 2,966
6. JWcloud_walker - 2,834
7. Clef - 2,675
8. @Trip - 2,665
9. @Sadneo - 2,348
10. @Tysium - 2,300


1. Benoof - 42.0
2. @OkWTF - 37.1
3. @WorthyOrigin - 27.4
4. - @finessedkid - 22.6
5. - @Trip - 21.0
6. @Dy1an - 18.5
7. @Caspar1337 - 16.5
8. - @benng19 - 15.2
9. - Qvail - 15.2 (15.195)
10. - @Hizuma - 15.1

Top Killstreak

1. @Caspar1337 - 407
2. @OkWTF - 257
3. @Sadneo - 242
4. @WorthyOrigin - 223
5. @EndMyLife - 204
6. Relty304 - 193
7. @benng19 - 192
8. @BannedAgain - 171
9. @Dy1an - 168
10. @finessedkid - 167

Although there are no rewards for Arena, here’s our top Arena players this season :smile_cat::

Top Arena Kills

1. clappedkid - 827
2. @Abahy - 497
3. @Ventreal - 370
4. @Hatool - 327
5. Hardah - 315
6. Zz110 - 289
7. @OkWTF - 272
8. clappedloser - 269
9. swift12 - 260
10. AlexaSixX - 237

Top Arena ELO

1. @Xerestry - 1,905
2. Timothy72099 - 1,825
3. @OkWTF - 1,799
4. @Hatool - 1,798
5. @TheCyberCreeper - 1,723
6. vRenso - 1,712
7. Armoda - 1,694
8. @Inflatious - 1,679
9. SorryImBad - 1,668
10. Zz110 - 1,663

Quite the season, yes :smile_cat:

Q&A - cheater_

I forced @cheater to spotlight in our Q&A this newsletter :smile_cat: this was our second Community Q&A run by you guys, and we had some interesting questions thrown out, very interesting :smile_cat: and here’s the interesting answers cheater man has to offer.

Questions by @kitcaaat:

  1. How did the nickname that you don’t like (Cheddar) come about?
    If I remember correctly, @Squishify was the first one to decide that naming me after cheese was a great idea and when she left, cyber picked up this tradition - and apparently just now it has spread over to other people? I am not sure.

Questions by @AriesGrill:

  1. Do you like turtles?
    I’d have to say that tortoises are the superior species.
  2. How did you become an Admin on MunchyMC?
    I joined Munchy a few months after its release as a moderator and worked my way up to admin over the following years.
  3. T-Series or PewDiePie?
    Thesaintsofgames ; )

Questions by @JoshyYT:

  1. Whats the favorite joke/meme for munchymc?
    Anything that involves @ThunderPickles’ moose is good comedy to me. But that’s mostly because it’s been subject to many jokes between the two of us in the past. I do not reckon that others would find nearly as much amusement in this as I do.
  2. Are you an ok German?
    I am not quite sure what you mean by this, but I am a German and I am also feeling pretty ok, so I guess yes…?
  3. Can you solve a rubiks cube?
    I haven’t done it in ages and I was never crazy good at it, but I used to be able to solve one. Maybe I could still pull it off today. Who knows?

Questions by @MadInToilet:

  1. Do you like Watermelons more than Bananas?
    Unless they are worn on the head of a person, yes.
  2. How fun is it to be an admin on the MunchyMC Network?
    Probably at least 5 and a half fun.
  3. If you ever trolled anyone what was the best troll you have ever done to someone?
    I don’t really remember any remarkable trolls that I have done.

Questions by @Ricky33:

  1. How many hours a day do you play fortnite?

Questions by @CuteCat:

  1. Do you like fish?
    Not as food, but certainly as animals.
  2. Do you have a pet fish?
    No, I do not.
  3. Do you take it on walks?
    Yes, all of them.

Questions by @Dishrespect:

  1. How do you catch so many people using AutoClickers, and why have none of them been regular players?
    I think that many people believe that they can get away with it more easily than with a hacked client and since most people today have an autoclicker installed already, it is no surprise that quite some people are autoclicking. Regular players on the other hand are more aware of the rules so it is not as common to see them using cheats of any kind.

Questions by @Brush_Your_Teeth:

  1. Are you admin again?
    Yes, I rejoined Munchy as an admin a few weeks ago after taking a break for a bit over a year.
  2. Favourite food?
    How could the answer to this question be anything other than Pizza?
  3. Do you have any animals?
    I do have a dog back home. And I’ve had other pets in the past as well.
  4. Do you like squirrels?
    They aren’t the most interesting creatures, but they also do not bother me.

Questions by @BFI01:

  1. Favourite moment on Munchy?
    There have been plenty of great moments on Munchy. The one with the most impact was arguably when Callahan convinced me of joining Munchy back in 2015, but there have been many, many other great moments.
  2. Least favourite moment on Munchy?
    Any moments that include you! < 3

Questions by @saladbutter:

  1. Thoughts on the BadBoyHalo and Skeppy colabs?
    They have certainly helped Munchy in a lot of ways, though I don’t find the videos quite as entertaining as many others do. But that is solely personal preference.

Questions by @BigZayBeastin:

  1. Why are you a cheater:
    Oh no, you’ve figured me out!

Questions by @joha4732:

  1. What are you in charge of? What is your job as a admin?
    I haven’t picked up a role yet. At the moment, all admin roles are filled so I just help out wherever I can.
  2. Are you going to host a party?
    Of course!

Questions by @Squishify:

  1. Why don’t you like the nickname “Cheddar”? It’s awesome!!!
    It’s not even a good cheese, how can it be a good nickname?!

Questions by @82602IsBack:

  1. What is the meaning of life?
    I’d say making other people’s lives better seems like something that’d give your own life a whole lot of meaning.

Questions by @TheCyberCreeper:

  1. Have you reached 10k bans yet? If so congrats, that’s a huge milestone!
    Yes I have, thank you. It did take some time and effort!

Questions by @Ventreal:

  1. Do you pour the milk or cereal first?
    Cereal of course!
  2. What mouse?
    Logitech G403
  3. How do clans help people?
    It can be a lot of fun to be in a clan with a bunch of friends! Also, bragging rights, obviously.

Questions by @MapFour:

  1. What is your favorite kit?
    I haven’t been playing as much kitpvp as I used to, but back in the days I had a lot of fun with switcher. Yes, I know, not a popular pick.
  2. What is your least favorite kit?
    Probably Screecher, because it hurts my ears.
  3. What is your 100% honest opinion on me as a person?
    I do not know you well enough to have a sufficiently founded opinion on your personality.

Questions by @Twisted_Treeline:

  1. What’s your favorite type of pineapple?
    Definitely the pineapple ones.

Questions by @TheBoop:

  1. Who is cheaterkonsti and where are all my pineapples?
    I have no idea who that is, but he must be responsible for your pineapple crisis!

Questions by @McFluerty:

  1. Who is your favourite guy / girl / apache helicopter on Munchy?
    You, for all those categories.
  2. And do you want the location for ThunderPickles’ moose hideout?
    Rookie mistake; you better stay away from that moose.

Questions by @iiRaidz:

  1. What made you come back to Munchy?
    I’ve missed all the amazing people here.

Questions by @BabyLime:

  1. How are you?
    I’m doing pretty great. Thanks for asking!
  2. Do you play fortnite?
    I do not.


Idea Team Recruitment

Want to have a special voice in the community? @BFI01 is looking for hard-thinking players to join our Idea Team. Check out the post here for more information and the application :smile_cat:.

Community Polls

1. We released 3 brand new tags this month. Which is your favorite?

  • OG
  • Muffin
  • YEET

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2. How high do you rate Skeppy's trolling game this month?

  • 1
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That's It!

This has been an especially prosperous month for Munchy :smile_cat: it can only get better, right? Here’s to another successful month at Munchy, and many more to come :smile_cat: as always, feel free to suggest anything you may have for my newsletters as I’m always looking for improvement :smile_cat: later days.


  • Adjusted incorrect info of Top KDR placements

  • Added some randoms that got Mod this month :smirk_cat:

  • Added pictures of new Auto events

  • cheater fixed some Q&A responses


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