MunchyMC Newsletter - May 2018


Newsletter: Edition 6 - May 2018

Hey Munchies :smile_cat: it’s me, CatTech :smile_cat: you already know what’s going on :smile_cat: yeah… :smile_cat: well let’s go over some major things that happened this month :smile_cat:

Voting Competition: Results!

We held a little voting competition this month and the winners that will be receiving Elite prizes are:

Congrats :smile_cat: Such good voters :smile_cat:


Some members earned some more prestigious positions this month at Munchy :smile_cat:

@MadInToilet is officially an Event Team member :smile_cat:

@Mboscolo, @Khrome, and @2086 have all returned to the Event Team this month :smile_cat:

Two new Helpers: @Baqel and @Ponk :smile_cat::smile_cat:

@Gould has joined the Staff team as a JMod :smile_cat: congratulations!

@iiRaidz is officially returning to the Staff team :smile_cat:

@saladbutter, @KittenKatja, and @AriesGrill are now members of our Idea Panel :smile_cat:

@0913523193249341 is returning to Build Team :smile_cat:

Yeah :smile_cat: could you be here next Month?


Munchy unveiled a neat little server this month specifically for cheaters. All in all it provides an interesting twist to dealing with cheaters. You can check out the Purgatory Announcement I made which gives you the run-down on the new concept.


We’ve been waiting for a while, and we’ve finally got what we’ve been waiting for: Map Five is out and Prison has been the bigger picture since its’ release. @DreamOnPvP has been kind enough to answer some questions I asked him about the new season and what’s to come.

Q: How did the whole “space” theme come about? Who came up with this idea? Was this the only theme or were there other themes being considered?

Dream: It was actually one of the original ideas for Prison. Back in (late 2015?) AnselWithMac and I were brainstorming. I told him an idea I had for a twist on the classic prison, and laid it out for him. It was essentially what map 1 ended up being. He countered with the space idea, and I thought it was an amazing idea. We both agreed that it was TOO different from the classic prison (in it’s current state), and it’d be hard to introduce it right away. I stuck to my guns and went with my idea, but space prison was always in the back of my mind. I also didn’t have the coding skills necessary for making a ‘space’ server, as I was just starting out. This prison is not even close to what the idea for the space prison was, but it’s still the same ‘general’ concept. The original space-prison idea was ‘spore-like’, if you know what that game is.

Q: Are you satisfied with the turnout of players that have come to take part in the release of the new map?

Dream: Satisfied, no. I am extremely excited and proud of the turnout, just not satisfied. I’d probably never be satisfied with turnout though, I want everyone coming!

Q: Were there any specific problems that stood out in the creation of the new map or any problems being currently faced?

Dream: Not really. The biggest problem was/is with my time management. I work a full time job and it’s been hard to find time for doing what I want with the server. I wasn’t able to make it exactly how I wanted it for release, though with future updates it will slowly become it.

Q: What are your current thoughts on scamming in Prison and the overall trust-no-one nature of Prison?

Dream: Being able to trade through a GUI should change that a little. I like the trust-no-one vibe because you really shouldn’t trust anyone. People can be scum, and they know it > : )

Q: Who do you believe will achieve the final rank first?

Dream: Probably IAmAGirl, he’s already pretty far ahead. Someone could surprise me.

Q: Favorite ultra?

Dream: One of the future ultras that I can’t say here. Sorry : ( As for on the server right now, probably Bigfoot Legs. Bounce bounce bounce.

Q: Ok Dream could you PLEASE nerf dogs :crying_cat_face: I can survive other players but these dogs target me because I’m cat blood :crying_cat_face: please nerf?

Dream: No.


Dream: Somewhere.

That concludes this interview with Dream. I hope this gave y’all a good insight into the inside of Prison!


Okay :smile_cat: so I’m trying out something new this month :smile_cat: I asked a bunch of people a question and we’ve collected some responses.

The question this month is: Should /marry be added?

The following are real responses I received.

@TheRedVelvetCake: Yea, pointless commands are fun.

@Trimly: Yes, it should be added. Why? Because my heart has always been for a player on MunchyMC. They know it too, we must be together. Callahan and I can marry each other!

@IamAGirl: Yes so I can finally live out my fantasy of marrying Rewr.

@hpf: yes. because I’d like to marry my love, pdl!!!

@Ricky33: I think we should be able to marry Callahan and ONLY Callahan.

@FunnyJustCause: Yes I guess lol

@saladbutter: i need to gold dig so obviously it needs to be added

@KawaiiKoolAid: Yes, memers need /marry to make meme babies

Thanks for the responses everyone :smile_cat:

That's It!

Hope you enjoyed reading :smile_cat: pretty sure I forgot a bunch of things but I’m just trying to go get ULTRAS! Dogs gotta be nerfed though man :pouting_cat: Unfair man for real for real :pouting_cat:

If you have any suggestions or ideas about the newsletter please message me :smile_cat: I’m always looking for new things :smile_cat:

See you in June :smile_cat:


Nice Newsletter @CatTech. We all greatly appreciate how much time you put into these. Thanks.


anyone beg to differ?

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Oooooo I like the newsletters! :stuck_out_tongue:


So many cats

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Great newsletter as always!

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Amazing Newsletter #TECHGANG :heart:

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Great Newletter Cat! You have done it again! #CatGang xD

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But in all seriousness, thanks for these newsletters CatTech! I look forward to seeing the future ones, and thanks @DreamOnPvP for making prison awesome :smiley:

EDIT Also, I’d appreciate if you would put in more cat emojis, there just aren’t enough :crying_cat_face:


I’m back on the server since prison release, idea team been a bit longer than that, but I’m still without thinker tag. xD

Thanks everyone for the words, currently really upset because I forgot to talk about DODGEBALL probably the best thing to ever happen to Munchy :smile_cat::joy_cat: I’m sure y’all already know I’m a god tier dodgeball player anyway though

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