MunchyMC Newsletter - July 2018 (NO EMOJI CHALLENGE)


Newsletter: Edition 8 - July 2018

Munchies! It's been another month and it's time for another newsletter! I am CatTech and I am challenging myself to use NO emojis throughout this entire post! I instinctively put a cat emoji there but I just just feels weird...I can't convey my feelings anymore; I don't know how to...let's begin!


The good stuff first! Here’s who got to rise in the ranks this month.

@xblok and @CantTouch (Clockyy) have joined our Build Team. Big congrats you two! Clockyy is also pending review for Event Team, so wish him luck on that!

@TheRedVelvetCake became a full-gilded JMod this month, now staff on more than just Prison. Congrats!

The Bug Testers recruited a few more people…I don’t quite have the names but I’ll throw a few tags here and hope I’m correct: @saladbutter, @joha4732, @MadInToilet, @NoEffortNapkin, @KittenKatja, @CatTech (there’s something weird about tagging myself), @cobramon, @oBears, @iiRaidz, @Khrome, and @Gould. Congrats all of you!

Also, @joha4732 is honored with TWO tags, as he has also received Helper this month. So, congrats congrats!

@WorthyOrigin achieved Media this month, well done! Shameless Plug to Worthy’s YouTube channel

@Mboscolo officially is back in the Event Team after sorting out some technical difficulties!

This was a good big list this month. Let’s get bigger everyone!

BREAKING: As I was about to publish this, I just so happened to notice…we have a new DEVELOPER! Welcome @Varmetek as our new Developer, big congrats man!

Community Media Gallery

I, along with help from @kitcaaat and @McFluerty have started something we call the Community Media Gallery! It is simply a compilation of Munchy videos ranging from many different creators. It is important to archive as much as our Media content to showcase our diverse range of creators that have contributed to Munchy through video. This gallery will continue to grow as we uncover more lost Munchy content (deep in Youtube channels) and receive fresh content from our active creators. Literally any content is welcome, from any creator, given a few common-sense guidelines. You can go check it out right here. Yes, there are only three people listed as of this newsletter’s creation. We’re on a tight schedule, okay!

Seasonal Stats

The launch of seasonal stats has gone underway this month, with stats now being tracked in seasons as well as lifetime, which encourages players to climb leaderboards more. Along with this addition, rewards have been promised for our eventual 1st place players. Here’s the current line-up:

Top Kills

1st: @AscendantKing, 4019
2nd: @_ShadowSlayer, 3867
3rd: @Kahmarii, 1905


1st: @Rewr, 250 (so cheats)
2nd: Nivoe, 94 (probably Rewr’s alt haHA (that was a joke (But seriously I think that’s an alt)))
3rd: @WorthyOrigin, 32

Top Killstreak

1st: @OkWTF, 193
2nd: @Dishrespect, 160
3rd: @StartMyLife, 136

There are still a couple weeks until the end of this competition, which is PLENTY of time to change the game! Did I mention there are cash prizes??? Better get moving; look at the announcement post here for more information on that.

HappyMan Q&A

This month I went after someone that has been seemingly behind the scenes and not in the spotlight for a while. @HappyMan is, in fact, still alive, and is working underground on big changes for Munchy. Here’s a little Q&A to get to know him a little better.

Q1: What is your current role within Munchy; what have you been working on mainly?

Happy: I was brought on as a developer because of Smash, so that’s my primary responsibility. I’ve helped do some refactoring and bug fixes for KitPvP as well.

Q2: Who, or what, would you say is your biggest inspiration to continue your work with Munchy as of now?

Happy: Just Smash, really. It’s my baby.

Q3: Whatever happened to your Event grind; why don’t you host as much as you used to; what was your favorite event to host back then?

Happy: I think it got monotonous after a while. Automation is good when it comes to event hosting, and @Callahan can be thanked for the work he’s done with that. I think I like hosting Man Vs. Mob the most because of the reactions I get from people. Ask me on Discord sometime and I might host an event for you – I like making people happy.

Q4: What other games do you enjoy besides MC?

Happy: No Man’s Sky and Darwin Project are my 2 big ones right now.

Q5: Smash release date!?

Happy: I can only say, soon :wink:.

Q6: What is this exotic food displayed in your profile picture? Was it good though? :scream_cat:

Happy: Cheesecake with ice cream. I ate it and it was tasty.

Q7: Where did you acquire your coding/developing knowlege?

Happy: I learned C++ and Java by taking courses in college; after I took my introductory Java course, I began working on Smash and learned design patterns through hard experience. If you’re going to learn to code, Minecraft plugin development is a good way to go if you have a cool idea.

Q8: Would you rather own an owl or an eagle?

Happy: An owl; I feel like an eagle needs more space.

Q9: How is Blizzard doing? (Blizzard is a friend of Happy. He’s is known in-game as B1izzard10)

Happy: Blizzard is chuggin’ along; he’s been working a lot of hours lately.

Q10: Any Smash sneak peeks!?

Happy: Here are a few of the maps you’ll be seeing in Smash; there are currently 61 total maps of similar quality.

Smash Maps!

There you have it! We got some exciting Smash info right here; who knows when it might release...

Event Idea Contest: Results

We held a brief idea contest to see if our community could stir up some interesting suggestions for our Event team to use to create new and exciting events. Event members have discussed, and have selected a winner for the most interesting idea presented. Congratulations to @Sleet for presenting what the Event Team deemed to be the best idea. Winner aside, we received a bunch of suggestions for cool things to host, so be on the lookout for some PEARL Sumo, perhaps?

That's It!

Ah, another exciting month for Munchy! New things are already in progress for August, so be sure to keep an eye out and you'll catch them right here on the next newsletter!

why no emojis CatTech!?

Because @Napkin0fVembz told me to stop being autistic… :smiley_cat: I don’t forget :smiley_cat::heart_eyes_cat::joy_cat:



Hope you enjoyed reading this :smile_cat: I sure enjoyed writing it :smile_cat:

People, any suggestions are welcome: any content you want to hear me discuss, maybe you have a cool story you want to share for the newsletter, anything really :smile_cat: please help me out!

See you next month :smile_cat:


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