MunchyMC Newsletter - February 2019


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 15 - February 2019

Almost forgot February has only 28 days :smile_cat: welcome back to another edition of the MunchyMC newsletter :smile_cat: where we recap the month’s happenings :smile_cat: and everything.


@Dishrespect joined the Event Team :smile_cat:

And @Dishrespect is also a Helper :smile_cat:

Wait is that it? :smile_cat: that can’t be it…let’s look through the logs here…:smile_cat:

Oh, here’s the promotions you don’t hear about :smile_cat: @EsioTrot, @ytaolfcm, @MadInToilet, and @KawaiiGrill were upgraded to Moderators this month :smile_cat: :smile_cat: :smile_cat:

@MadInToilet is a Survival Mod :smile_cat: and @TheRedVelvetCake is a Sheriff on Prison… :smile_cat: I don’t know what that means :smile_cat: @Gould is an Officer…I guess that’s like a Mod or something :smile_cat:

Oh yeah, @Sesaline is a Survival Mod now :smile_cat: how could I forget :smile_cat:

OH! and @Dy1an is now…oh wait, that’s not a promotion…moving on then :smile_cat:

Okay, that’s it :smile_cat:

Q&A - Ranger_Gilan

By BFI01

Recently at MunchyMC we’ve been gifted with a certain builder who, within his rather short time here so far, has contributed a lifetime’s worth of building :smile_cat: Here is a Q&A with @Ranger_Gilan, the absolute block builder :smile_cat: And props to @BFI01 for putting this piece together :smile_cat:.

1) When did you start to build in Minecraft, and what are some noteworthy projects you’ve worked on in the past?

Before I start rambling on, I’d like to point out that my building history is not the slightest bit interesting. Anyways, I started building in 2015 ; personally, it seemed like my builds lacked something so I never got around publishing them until mid - late 2018. ‘Forgotten’ was the first build I put onto planet minecraft, even though I still strongly believe that it could’ve been better, I really thought I had to start somewhere. Sadly, after the completion of forgotten, I ran into a builder’s block and I lost a lot of interest in building. A month later, the project managed to get onto the Minecraft page which acted as a catalyst to motivate me to build once more and here I am!

2) What is your favourite build you’ve worked on?

‘Forgotten’ and that new spawn were the two solo projects I found the most satisfaction when I completed them :smiley: I still love my other ones but because they were team projects, I just couldn’t find the same levels of satisfaction.

3) How did you find Munchy, and what convinced you to join the community as a builder?

As a builder, the two factors that I want most in a server is an active team and the respect builders get in the community. By wasting my youth on watching Youtube 24/7, the videos about MunchyMc suggested that these factors are prominent on the server which convinced me to join the community as a builder. Unlike most of my decisions, I’m very happy that I joined the team! :smiley:

4) What types of builds do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy making builds that have meaning and story behind them. For example, ‘Forgotten’ was inspired off the quote ‘A man never dies until he’s forgotten’. I depicted this by making a pirate captain’s skeleton that has sunk to the ocean floor, which represents that his tales and adventures have been forgotten - he’s no longer alive in peoples minds. Additionally, I made worn out ships, swords and even a palace sunken to the bottom of the seabed to compliment the representation about his adventures, battles, wealth and power/ influence, have all been forgotten.

5) Do you have any tips for anyone aspiring to build better in Minecraft?

Improving the composition of builds is a really easy way to improve. Even if your builds are simplistic and mediocre at best, depending on how you position them and adding basic terrain and organics that compliment the build will make it 10x better than your original copy. It adds atmosphere and a sense of cleanness to your builds. Also, LEARN THE COMMANDS; making high quality terrain is easy, even beginners can make terrain like mine as long as they LEARN THE COMMANDS for world edit, voxel, go paint and go brush. Seriously, it only takes 20 minutes and you can start making terrain that’s even sellable.

6) Do you think you can demonstrate a similar kind of skill physically, with drawing or LEGOs or similar?

Some skills translate to drawing such as composition, but mainly the skills I’ve learnt in Minecraft translates over to 3D modelling such as blender, magica, voxel, and stuff like that, I’m not sure about lego. I’d presume it does though, since it’s to do with 3D modelling.

7.) Favorite Block?

TNT - cus the design looks bombastic!

That concludes this interview with Ranger. Ranger, we sincerely thank you for your tremendous effort into improving Munchy, and hope you have gotten the respect you came here for! :smile_cat:

Prison Map 6 - Rankings

We’re about a month deep into the new Prison map at this point, and wow, the grind has been strong :smile_cat: here are the top ranking players in Prison :smile_cat: (as of this writing of course):

Top Ranks

1. @ShreksBakery - (II)(A3)
2. @TheBoop - (I)(FREE)
3. @Casper (Caspxr) - (I)(A1)
4. Shoblette - (FREE)
5. @KawaiiGrill, @DrownedInSound - (A3)
6. @Tysium, @CuteCat, @ICantComboWombo, @Nikolas, @Cyttt, @TheRedVelvetCake, @Hi_Im_Mikey, sqilidili - (A2)

Top Balance

1. @TheBoop - ~$33,800,000
2. @AuroraVoltic - ~$22,100,000
3. @Cyttt - ~$20,700,000
4. @DrownedInSound - ~$13,500,000
5. @82602IsBack - ~$12,500,000
6. @Im_All_MCMMO - ~$9,900,000
7. @Kistaf - ~$9,100,000
8. @Napkin0fVembz - ~$7,600,000
9. @TheRedVelvetCake - ~$7,000,000
10. @Casper (Caspxr) - ~$6,900,000

Top Mined Blocks

1. Shoblette - ~2,400,000
2. @ShreksBakery - ~1,200,000
3. Hxne - 1,060,000
4. @TheBoop - ~870,000
5. @Cyttt - ~780,000
6. ZachMcD - ~740,000
7. @Kistaf - ~730,000
8. slimecreepers - ~660,000
9. @ICantComboWombo - ~640,000
10. @Im_All_MCMMO - ~620,000

Great work Prisoners :smile_cat: the map still has a long way to go, and a lot of competition to be done. Stay tuned for constant updates and additions as the map goes on :smile_cat:

Media Spotlight

Notable video this month comes from @y0shirocks; while the video is somewhat random it was very well polished and made for view-worthy footage :smile_cat: Yoshi, great work on the videos so far and we hope to see you continue to roll out sweet content :smile_cat::

KitPvP - Season 3 Winners

Season 3 of KitPvP has officially concluded just yesterday when the winners were announced :smile_cat: To summarize:

Top Kills:

1st Place: @benng19 - 6835 kills
2nd Place: @DeForst - 6208 kills
3rd Place: @Oizn - 5087 kills
4th Place: @Kalex31 - 4755 kills
5th Place: @KawaiiGrill - 4739 kills

Top KDR:

1st Place: Sowl (@iiSowl) - 300 rigged btw :smile_cat:
2nd Place: Caspxr (@Casper) - 191
3rd Place: @JakeTheLoser - 153
4th Place: @xshrek - 120.5
5th Place: Fryga

Top Killstreak

1st Place: @WorthyOrigin - 506
2nd Place: @DeForst - 404
3rd Place: @benng19 - 348
4th Place: @RodsAreOp - 335
5th Place: @Hardah - 325

MVP: @benng19

Congrats to everyone for their placements :smile_cat: you best believe Season 4 is kicking up soon, so get ready to alt boost grind :smile_cat:.

That’s It!

New hub, new maps, new Prison, there was so much to look forward to this month :smile_cat: let’s keep it up for yet another month. Munchy’s been open for 45 months now, that’s crafty :smile_cat:. Thank you for being a part of the Munchy community, and later days :smile_cat:.


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