MunchyMC Newsletter - August 2018


MunchyMC Newsletter - Edition 9

30 days later, we’re back with the next newsletter :smiley_cat: this month we’ve seen quite some big changes to Munchy: new games, new staff, new thingies :smile_cat: so let’s see what happened :smile_cat:


Hey look, the only part people read :smile_cat: promotion time! Congrats to everyone who got themselves a brand new place in Munchy :smile_cat:

@Varmetek and @KawaiiGrill are our newest helpers :smile_cat: @EsioTrot64 received Helper this month and then got promoted to JMod in the same month, talk about a speedrun :smile_cat:

@oBears is our newest JMod :smile_cat:

@iiRaidz is back with the team as a JMod :smile_cat:

We have a couple more Media crew members this month: @ProPvPGaming_3 and @eevay have received their titles and are hopefully hard at work promoting our server :smile_cat:

@CantTouch has been officially accepted to the Event Team :smile_cat:

With the release of Survival, we’ve devoted a few current mods to serve as Survival mods, them being @BFI01, @Siberite, @Reakles, @McFluerty, @TheRedVelvetCake, and @Kalendor. I, @CatTech, have also received Survival Mod just a few days ago :smile_cat:

Well done everyone, hands all around :smile_cat:

Clans Update

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned the clan leaderboards. We’ve had a shift in ranking over time, so let’s see our current Top 5 clans for KitPvP kills :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

#5: CouncilEstate (12.9k Kills)

Members: @McFluerty, @Rewr, @Napkin0fVembz, @tabletop, @RedComboPvP

#4: KingdomForCrabs (14.5k Kills)

Members: @OkWTF, @Hatool, @ImHome, @Auxies, @Untils, @Gubbed

#3: soupskidz (15.7k Kills)

Members: @Sadneo, @FinessedKid, @Gmbe, @Suixide, @Miktaul

#2: TEMPO (17.1k Kills)

Members: @MadInToilet, @2086, @oBears, @Mboscolo, @Dy1an, @Gould, @TheCyberCreeper

#1: Pandxh (18.0k Kills)

Members: @Pandxh, @AscendantKing, @BishopPvPz, @sukc, @_ShadowSlayer

The competition never ends :smile_cat: keep fighting and we’ll see some different rankings next month :smile_cat: JUST so y’all know, Tech Gang has been letting other clans take the rankings because I wanted them to have a chance, so even though Tech Gang is #18, it’s not really accurate since I’ve let other people win :smile_cat: yeah.

Survival Released

This month, we’ve launched Survival :smile_cat: very new to Munchy as it’s our first non-PvP game mode :smile_cat: it will never get old either, right :smile_cat: @Lordbobby104 has been hard at work flattening bugs and implementing suggestions, so if there’s anything you believe should be changed, message bobs for that :smile_cat:

I…don’t know what else to talk about :smile_cat: so here’s what we’ll do: more rankings :smile_cat:

Gold Balance

#1: @Wowies (5285)
#2: @Greenwolf15 (3748)
#3: @KawaiiGrill (3747)
#4: @FunnyJustCause (2174)
#5: @CatTech (1107) :smile_cat: I let them get ahead of me okay :pouting_cat:
#6: @Spistro (1068)
#7: @Klassy (918)
#8: @saladbutter (835)
#9: @BishopPvPz (798)
#10: @ThunderPickles (767)

Top McMMO Level (Overall)

#1: @Craz33 (4730)
#2: @KawaiiGrill (3139)
#3: @VanillaVerse (2554)
#4: @FunnyJustCause (2518)
#5: @Wowies (2431)
#6: @Varmetek (2111)
#7: @xblok (1872)
#8: @joha4732 (1767)
#9: @Nikee (1688)
#10: @saladbutter (1687)

…I’m #11 BUT it was intentional :pouting_cat: didn’t want to take a spot on both boards y’know :smirk_cat:

Smash Release

One new game wasn’t enough this month :smile_cat: Smash has also been released, a project long-in-the-making by @HappyMan. If you’d like to help out, feel free to reach out to Happs with any suggestions or bug reports you may have so Smash can finally get out of Beta :smile_cat:.


Munchy has been open for a little over three years now, and through all the changes Munchy has undergone, members have stuck around from the very start and are still dedicated to this day :smile_cat: Reply to this newsletter using exactly four cat emojis so I know you’re a real tech gang newsletter fan. With all of the experience these members have gained, I reached out to some of them and asked what their favorite moment or highlight has been throughout their stay here.

So, What has been your favorite moment throughout your time on Munchy? Note that obviously the people listed are not the only veterans, as it was impossible to reach out to everyone.

@BigZayBeastin: When we did the Harlem Shake with MarikPlays, Bbolt, @DutchboyNL, and many more like 3 years ago.

@Khrome: My Favorite moment of Munchy would have to be the Munchy MC Quarter Quell. Not only was it fun to watch ,but it brought back old memories of MCPVP and my old friend “DuckDPVP”.

@Matthew: My favorite moment would probably be when I used to hangout with Alakazam, Kofiee, ItzStrawberreh and Jaden at old kitpvp on one of the benches at the sides of the front of spawn which you would have to time a jump perfectly to jump on and flexing all my OGs by going on all of them on alts and lining in a single line so my friends on their get jealous lol.

@TheRealEasy: Mine is pretty straight forward: The inception of Munchy Prison. It’s the reason why I decided to give Minecraft another go after the fallout of MCPVP. I remember the first time I found an ultra-rare on the first map, it was a moment I’ll never forget!

@Siberite: My favorite moment was probably building my first event as event team member. I had just been accepted after the Interview and CookieCrazyDawn and I decided to build tnt bow spleef since the event world didn’t have that arena. Once we finished the arena we had to make a pit that people would die in so we decided to try lava. Big mistake. It eventually ended up exploading the tnt and flying it everywhere. which kind of made us both laugh.

@Chills: The one raid map we did with @Dream, Kyzzr, @craftclan, NEFirebirds, @Antfrost, and others where we ran the map and it shut down like 2 weeks later.

@Eninja556: Favorite moment during Munchy was back in 2015 when Bad was streaming and he and Boomer were spectating the final 2 players in a wool wars game me versus KiwizPvP and it was about 5 minute stand off with me breaking a block under him and KiwizPvP fell and placed a block under him and survived, and he came back from behind me and killed me, I did lose… But it was very fun to live that moment and be able to rewatch it cause it’s on Bad’s channel.

@BRO3256: My favorite moment by far on the network was when I and some of my friends (AwesomenessBNB, alex583936, TJ_Attacks, and others I can’t remember) played HG together. We would do some really stupid stuff like camp in a tower for an entire game, make traps that most of the time didn’t work, and heck we even just got stone swords and tried killing everyone. It was a fun experience. Its sad that HG is no longer on the network as it was one of if not my favorite gamemodes. I would be down if the Munchy devs implemented HG back in one way or another.

@NoEffortName: My favorite part was probably I was hosting an event or I was about to, and @Callahan was invis and doing the command /troll on me and I thought it was super annoying like he kept making me crash and things like that. I thought it was pretty funny I laughed a lot…YA KNOW…hes done that alot.

@CantTouch: What has been my favorite moment during my time on Munchy was probably the time I have talked to and help people through my time on Munchy, I believe that every person that has visited and or that is still a newcomer deserves to have a helping hand. The days of the Maze Runner tournaments was probably the best and most fun time because everyone had a chance to win and shows the skill of the teams to see if they would get better each tournament game. I believe everyone on Munchy has a chance to be anything they want to be and make it the best community on Munchy.

@Miskey: Honestly, I miss sitting in teamspeak with Ashlyn (Kaylee), Spec, Allstar, Karo, Macho, Rino, and a whole bunch of people. We’d just play the game and hang out together, and it lead to some extremely close friendships, some of which are still together to this day.

I can’t pinpoint a specific memory, but it was definitely something community based.

I could always just talk about how I got staff on Munchy in the first place lmao, that was pretty interesting.

@Cookiedough777: When I killed @Callahan in a 1v1 cause hes an ez skid.

@Nikolas: This questions actually quite tough; I’ve been on Munchy for a really long time - given some inactivity - and I’ve certainly had some really good memories. The start of MunchyMC was quite exciting. Myself and many other McPVP players were happy that a new server was coming after the server’s closing, and it was nice to be on a new server with the same community. However, I think my favourite memory on Munchy has to be playing on KitPVP recently. I know that the community can get pretty toxic at times, but making friends in the community and actively having good times with them and joking around in-game and on team speak is what gives me the best memories.

Cyber's super-long response that I have to put into a spoiler >:(

@TheCyberCreeper: I wouldn’t say that there was one particular moment that stuck out, however the best times I’ve ever had on Munchy were back when everyone in our ‘squad’ (aka squeaker squad, aka mini mod squad) used to hang out together; before everyone changed and split apart/left. A while back, we would all chill in the teamspeak and play truth or dare, be obnoxious, make fun of Dream (tomato breath fanfic, he remembers it) and whatnot. I’m sure many would agree that playing with friends is more enjoyable than playing solo.

It was also fun to see some of my friends go on to become staff.

Being a part of the staff team the past year has been a blast too, I’m honored to have been able to work with such ambitious people.

Here are some memorable 2016 - early 2017 screenshots. Just a few, it would take hours to sort through the hundreds of screenshots I’ve taken over the years.

Rare appearance of @DutchboyNL

Admin troll (April fools day 2016)

@bikeski gang 2016

3 sum

Truth or dare

The day I was accepted as JMod

Zelkam statue (@Zelkam)


The death of @bacca_pvp1

@iGoofy x @craftclan

It’s the conglomerate of all these little things that made my experience on Munchy so positive.

And Lastly…

@CatTech: Throughout my entire existence on Munchy, there will always be that one day that stands out to me, and @cheater if you know where I’m going with this, well dope. The day of the Skyblock Island is one that I will never forget. I had so much fun that day (even if it ended with a well-earned mute) and it really emphasized your outgoing personality during your time. You seemed to resonate with most of the playerbase and you were well respected for that. Also, @IcyAsia may remember this; good times! So cheats, I hope you haven’t changed, and I hope you are doing well. I also hope you will come back soon. We would not mind a return of the cheaterkonsti. WATER BUCKET! WATER BUCKET!

Guide-Making Recruitment

About a week ago I reached out to the community to help in providing the forums with more content. Luckily I am still looking for a couple more members to help me out with this; we’re basically a team :smile_cat: Thanks to these people who have joined so far:

So, all you gotta’ do is message me if you’re interested :smile_cat:.

We just released our first project, the Munchy Records! Much more is coming as well!

That's It!

90 players were mentioned in this newsletter :smile_cat: THAT’S AWESOME!!! Thanks a lot for reading, as always, any suggestions are welcome, and stay hyped for the next newsletter. September has Labor Day, so :smile_cat: let’s make change this next month :smile_cat: Tech Gang out!


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  • @xblok is awaiting acceptance to the Event Team :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

  • @BFI01 is now a full Moderator! :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

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