Munchy Newsletter (January 2018)

Welcome back to the second edition of the Munchy Newsletter! Due to an emergency situation, this edition of the newsletter is a little later than expected. Regardless, we hope everyone had fun over winter break (for those still in school) and can’t wait to show what the staff team has been working on over the past month! Let’s get right into it.

To avoid any misinterpretation of what is expected from the forums community, an updated, more detailed guide to the forums rules has been posted. If you haven’t already, please familiarize yourself with our rules found here.

With the constant addition of new players to our server, the forums mods thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a chance to share a little bit about themselves. It’s great to see the category being used already! If you would like to create your own introduction thread, you may do so below. Either use the default form or make your own.

  • Updates to kits
  • Bug fixes

  • New ultras added (Luigi pic, Rainbow Road pic, etc.)
  • Bug fixes

  • Continuous testing
  • Bug fixes

With the rise in cyberbullying becoming a problem, don’t be just a bystander! Take an active approach to fighting back against inappropriate behavior. If you see something, say something by using /report to inform a staff member. Additionally, you can record the rule-breaker and post your proof over at to be a bigger part of the solution.

If you could add one idea to the newsletter, what would you add and why?
Example: “I would add a creative showcase to bring attention to the great artists in the community!”

  • New users to our forums - 69
  • Number of visits to our forums - 2.2k
  • New topics created - 187
  • Topic flags - 5 (remember to flag something you deem against our rules)

Very clear and usefull newsletter, good job feather


what the potato?

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Didn’t you quit.

Gz on the promo everyone, and good job feather newsletter looking really good.


I resigned due to outside forces that inhibited me from continuing in my role. After situating myself, i deemed myself available to come back and was allowed back on as a prison mod.

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I was replying to bantas post sorry feather.


Beautiful letter :octopus:

atleast do caps like Kitpvp CHANGE TO KitPvP ocd overload dhnadhnawdna

Smash? Was that recently added or is it being worked on at the moment?

good announcement

inb4 locked


also 6600 thread!

Smash is currently being worked on, but sometimes on bad’s stream, he will play it with his viewers.

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