Munchy Newsletter (February 2018)

Welcome to the third edition of the newsletter! We thank you for the feedback given last time and are hoping to improve this newsletter the best we can. For now, though, let’s get right into the news!

Big changes are coming soon, and although we can’t say much about it yet, we think you’ll be both excited and welcoming to the change of pace. For now, know that Munchy is about to update to bring more content for you all.

  • @Liamtheblueninja

  • Bug fixes
  • Updates to maps
  • small kit adjustments

  • small updates to sets
  • Work on new map continues

  • Continued testing
  • Continued bug squashing

With the rise in cyberbullying becoming a problem, don’t be just a bystander! Take an active approach to fighting back against inappropriate behavior. If you see something, say something by using /report to inform a staff member. Additionally, you can record the rule-breaker and post your proof over at to be a bigger part of the solution.

With the increase in playerbase and, the staff team has decided to promote going above and beyond the call of duty as a community member and has instantiated a munchy of the month. Any community member that does amazing work for the server, be it from uploading many videos of Munchy, catching tons of hackers, helping out new players, etc., shall be given the title of Munchy of the Month and win 1 month of elite. Should the munchie already have the elite rank, they may choose to give the rank to someone else.

This month’s Munchie of the Month is @Brush_Your_Teeth! Stepping up to help new players both on Kitpvp and Prison, as well as answering questions and comments on the forums, this player has taken time out of their day to bring smiles to everyone on the server. Thank you for your time and commitment to keeping the server friendly. Please pm @_featherpaw for your prize!

What are your thoughts on adding a community subsection to the newsletter, showcasing artwork uploaded to the forums? Let us know down below!

  • New Users to our forums - 76
  • Number of visits to our forums - 2.3k
  • New topics created - 172
  • Topics flagged - 8 (Remember to flag something you deem against our rules)

I love this idea. I just learned of an artist in our community. He’s been keeping his artistic talent somewhat hidden, although he has showcased it on the build team over the last several months. Not naming names, but would love to see him upload some of his artwork.


Thanks guys <3 <3


Wonder who that is… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, you weren’t there at all when I found out that this person is an artist

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Nope xD

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I think i was :upside_down_face:

Who is this mysterious builder and what is this Munchy of the month competition?

Am I behind or is this brand new?


It’s new

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It’s not a competition btw, just a section to highlight a player that has done something exceptional in a said month.


gg my friend xD

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