Month Legend Rank should be FREE with evidence!

One Month Legend should be FREE!!
Heres why:
Full Legend allows you to have the Legend rank forever.
There is infinite months in forever.
The price for 1 Month Legend should be determined as:
1 Month Legend = Full Price / time you get the Full Legend for in months (as you get it for 1 month)
So if we substitute in the information we get:
1 Month Legend = £75 / ∞ (infinity)
= 1 Month Legend = £0
∴ 1 Month Legend should be absolutely free.

Big brain

lmao u r quick to reply

But I disagree tho

it is a joke lol

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ofc its not gonna be free lol

In which case I completely agree

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have u even seen the way the poeple took my other post about a hacker jesus

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I 100% agree with what you are saying. but you forgot to factor in the bisector to the devisions

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