Littlefoot59's Builder Application

IGN and past IGN’s: Has always been littlefoot59, it’s my only account

Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time

Discord username: littlefoot59#3561

How long have you played MunchyMC?: I’m quite new to the MunchyMC server :slight_smile:

Please link a portfolio of all your most recent build projects: I don’t have any links but I have one picture of a spawn I made today…

Please tell us more about your FAVOURITE and PROUDEST build: My favorite build was one that I made a year ago, sadly don’t have a picture but it was of a whole spawn world someone and I made, it took us over 4 months to finish, we based it off NYC. Not as big as NYC but it was still cool. My proudest build would have to be the giant dildo I made in the center of the city just like the Statue of Liberty, and I made a giant theme park as well. Both took me about 3 days or so, each.

How experienced are you with World Edit, Voxel, and other relevant plugins?: I’ve never used them before, but I’m happy to learn how :slight_smile:

Describe your build specialty and weaknesses (detailing, terraforming, structures, etc.): I love doing detailing to make things look amazing but I also love building structures like skyscrapers and buildings the most because there’s no particular way it has to be. Building something like a dinosaur is a bit harder for me because I’m a hands-on kind of person so I’d have to make a drawing to reference in advance. I’m decent when it comes to terraforming but with extra time on it, I can make it perfect.

What is your history of building? Which build teams and/or servers have you worked for in the past? My history of building is not fantastic obviously, but I do build quite a lot in my spare time. I use minecraft building as a destress outlet for my anxiety. I’ve never worked with any build teams or any other servers before in the past, but I would love to try it out. :slight_smile:

Describe yourself: I’m someone who can’t stop until it’s perfect kinda mindset. I have OCD so when I build it has to be perfect or ill scrape it and try again. I hate giving up on things I know I am capable of building. I can work with a group of people, though at first I will be anxious but I will get used to it and be fine after a week or so. I am responsible but I get anxious when I might let people down especially someone who trusts me. I would love to get experience working on a Minecraft server. :slight_smile:

Maybe uh, leave out the ‘giant dildo’ part? Anyway, time for my second wall of text comment on a build application in 30 minutes!

First off, your detailing on the spawn looks alright, but it’s very small scale. Servers are almost always looking for much bigger builds. Also, to accurately judge your ability, we need to see more builds. Take a look at the accepted applications section for an idea of the builds you would need.

You talk about the city and the theme park (I’m ignoring the giant dildo statue as I assume it’s a joke), but you don’t have any evidence or screenshots. That’s okay, but we need some proof that you have the skill. Maybe make a small city or part of a city and record your screen while doing it ( so that we can see that you can build a city. Same goes for the theme park.

VoxelSniper, GoPaint and GoBrush aren’t all that useful if you’re not doing terraforming work (in my experience), but you absolutely have to know how to use WorldEdit. There are loads of tutorials available on YouTube, and it’s relatively easy to learn. If you can’t set up a server of your own, check out Builder’s Refuge (, because it has loads of building tools and plugins, including WorldEdit.

This goes with the ‘add more builds’ point, but you should add some builds that show your experience in skyscrapers and buildings. If you’re going to say you specialise in something, try to have evidence to back it up.

Thanks for reading this, and good luck! It’s a -0.5 score from me though until you add more builds, sorry.


You need to add multiple builds. Also, putting the “giant dildo” really hurts your chance of acceptance.

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Even though you dodnt include your age, it doesnt seem like your 15+ concidering the dildopart. Yoyr proudest build shouldnt be of something that allready exist, specially not a city. Its not very hard to create, but good luck! -0.5

I would recommend you start to learn how to use World Edit and Voxel before you write an application, due to the fact that Munchy probably uses WorldEdit and Voxel frequently on their build projects to speed up the process of building.

Thanks for applying @littlefoot59
Sadly, your maps aren’t really what we are looking for right now.