Jqkke's Event Team Application

IGN: Jqkke, Past IGNS can be found here

Age: 13

Timezone: PST - Pacific Standard Time

How often can you host events:
During Summer without the issue of school, this is my availability:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Saturday: 8:30 AM - 12:00 AM

Sunday: 10:30 AM - 12:30 AM

What sets you apart from other applicants:

Two reasons in which I differ from other candidates are that I am an active player and am committed to helping those in need of assistance. I truly believe that I am fairly active on MunchyMC, I log on everyday for approximately 5-7 hours each day, and with that time of being online I believe I can do my job hosting events for the players whether it’s an event that players want, or events that haven’t been hosted often. Furthermore, I’m always willing to help players as much as I can, so that they are able to have an enjoyable experience while playing on MunchyMC.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:

As a MunchyMC Event Member I can bring new ideas, such as new events or new themes to maps. On the many occasions that I’ve been online, there were few event members online to host events. However, I believe that I can fix this issue because I am online throughout most of the day. Therefore, with that time, I can host as many events as possible and perhaps create new events. Lastly, I can build fresh new event maps for events that have already been added to Munchy (Automatic events or Manual events).

Why do you want to be on the event team:

There are multiple reasons as to why I want to join the Event Team. I love making others happy and I want to give all players a fun and pleasant experience. Since I was given the opportunity to meet new people during my time on MunchyMC, being an event member would allow me to give back to the community who contributed to my thrilling adventure.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

Atterax: Requested SoloDodgeball and 4 Corners and hosted it, also let me operate the levers in CRR.

Platinumxo: Requested 2v2Sumo and hosted it.

BlokV: Asked to spectate Waterdrop and allowed me to spectate.

82602: Requested CRR and SoloDodgeball and hosted both.

262ms: Requested Sumo and hosted it.

Anything else you would like to add:
Hello, I want to clear up some things about my recent activity. Currently I’m on vacation and due to the fact that I will be spending most of my time with family, this will affect my activity. I will be hopefully back from vacation by the end of June and my activity will go back to normal. Thank you for reading.
Best of Luck to everyone who is applying!

Edit 1: Fixed some grammatical errors.

Edit 2: Cleared up some things about my activity.


You are a very nice guy and mature from what I’ve seen. Your application is decent, but with a few grammar mistakes and run-on sentences. I think you should fix those and you’re set!



Even with the age you have, you’re really mature and active.
I usually see you online on KitPvP and playing events, and a lot of people know you.
So it’s a +1 from me. Good luck! =)


Thank you 82602 and Alex!

I will definitely fix those errors, thank you for the feedback!



@Jqkke is very friendly and helpful and I think he would fit really good in the event team.


Good luck on your app!



yes please



I think you are a great applicant for the event team! There’s lots of detail to your application and you deserve a +1!

Keep up the great work! :slightly_smiling_face:


+1. Nice guy and friendly. Good luck!


good guy


Very active. see you on alot! Never toxic to anyone. Good luck bro!




Thank you guys very much, your support means a lot. :heart:

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+1 active
very nice in global chat, never seen you be rude or immature. Originally thought you were a helper when I joined.

gl with the app


Hello Jqkke! I’m going to be giving you a +1 for the following reasons:

  • Very active on the server

  • Very nice (I have not seen you being toxic ever)

  • Detailed enough application

Good luck!


Thank you Gavot and 8uck!


Always online and is extremely nice to everyone! He would be a great member of the event team!

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Thank you very much Downys!

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Definitely going to give a +1!!

I’ve had a handful of interactions with this applicant, and they have been nothing but kind and involved in what they do!! I would absolutely love to see them on the event team!

Good luck Jqkke!!

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