JoshyYT ~ Event Application

Deleted. Thanks for criticism! To be remade.

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I think the list of events is unnecessary, and there’s a good amount of grammar errors you can fix.


Hold on until September? Also you don’t have a link for namemc, and

That. Along with lowercase i’s

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Oopsie i forgot to take that out! I finished moving thanks for your comment!

-1. Looks like you didn’t take much time into putting the effort for a decent application, you also do have some current activity issues that do need to be fixed, and I personally still think your maturity still can be fixed in some aspects.


Yes, ive been in mexico for the past 3 weeks. So i havent been on as much, im actually writing these replies at the airport. XD.

I was wondering if you have any examples of my immaturity so i can improve on them.
Thanks for reply

The list of events and description is very unnecessary. It doesn’t seem that you put as much effort into your application. You just copied and pasted your last application from August and changed a couple of things. I don’t really see you on as much as I used to. Try working on your activity.
-1, Best of luck.

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Heya @BLOKBASHER as i said i was in mexico for thr past 3 weeks and not able to get on as much as i have.
Thanks for your comment

whoever likes this has bad breath


K den

My comment got more likes than your app lol

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Its should get more likes than my app xD

It looks like you put a lot of effort into this, but there are a couple of things you could fix, so I’m giving you a +0.50 for now.

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lots of grammar mistakes and the kid is very annoying


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Joshy if you’re gonna copy your old event app you could at least re-read it and fix grammar mistakes -1 Good luck


I mean, I’m pretty sure every single person applying for event know the basic event commands and every event.
I think the list of events is useless and is just something to make your application look longer.
According to other players you copy and pasted your other event application, and didn’t even bother to fix the grammar mistakes. They aren’t even simple mistakes you can easily skip by- it’s a lot of errors and it makes your application hard to read.
Think of your application like an essay that’s worth 95% of your grade. Everything should be to the best of your abilities and should be as perfect as you can make it.



I don’t think copy-pasting your application is the greatest idea. There are also a lot of grammar mistakes that you have not looked over, this just looks like being lazy and just using the same application every single time and hope you get accepted.

and… this…

Good Luck!


Tons of rookie grammar mistakes in this. You clearly copy and pasted this from last time but just made it 47.5 years long, explaining every single event in excessive detail.
If you think making the application the same but in more detail, you’re strongly mistaken.

-1 Gang

Also, just a quick side note, a lot of these details and answers mean nothing. I mean can you explain this? This is pretty basic shit.

And I mean these commands are pretty obvious and basic commands. It’s not necessary to include them tbh. No admin is not going to accept you because you “forgot to add /togglehunger” OH NO NOT TOGGLEHUNGER WHAT WOULD WE DO IF WE LOST OUR CHICKEN NUGGET BARS. See what I mean? I think you’re just filling, yet again, even more space; 6 lines to be exact.

-0.5 because like everyone else said, your app is a copy-paste if your other one and has a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes, as well as the unnecessary list of events. There is already a list of all the events in the Event Team category so showing that you know all the events won’t really increase your chances of getting accepted since everyone all ready had access to that information. But this all doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be a bad event member so -0.5 from me instead of -1


After reading these comments ive decided to delete this application and make a new one with less mistakes.
Thank you all for your criticism!