I found a pretty cool thing on MunchyMC using /server

I was just seeing what came up when I did /server, and one of the things I saw was georgetest, which actually worked! It leads me to a pretty cool looking game mode with Class Points, Power Points and other stuff!

Why is this not an gamemode? as it looks pretty cool!

also, someone do /server georgetest… I’m lonely in here

Yeah most people know about it georgetest but few play on it.
It is a gamemode that’s in development, as mentioned by the name george ’ test ’

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Ah, well it’s still cool nonetheless. I went to try other ones now

Edit 1: welp, none others seem to work for me, anyone wanna play some georgetest?

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i’ll play wiv u likkle boi

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Wow! This sounds really cool! I’m thinking about getting on MC just to try this and see what it’s all about! :smile:

Fun fact, you now have to be whitelisted on here.

really?! that’s a shame.