Hello everybody, i'm NextImBlack! :)

Hello, my name is: NextImBlack

My favourite color is: Aqua and Light Green

My favourite food is: Hamburger, Fries and some healthy food too.

How I found this server: Thanks to my friend @Fumaz

Something more about myself:

Hello there!
I’m a 16 y.o guy that likes to play Minecraft (I’ve been playing since 2014!)
I live in Italy and I’m currently a student in high school (4th grade).
I like jokes, memes and love talking.
You can find some ways to contact me down below. Feel free to shoot me a message!

Discord: NextImBlack#0001 (Add a “_” at the start and at the end).
MunchyMC Forums: NextImBlack
MC Username: NextImBlack (Same as before, add a "
" at the start and at the end).

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope you have an amazing day!

I really apologize if i have done some mistakes. English is not my native language and i’m Italian :smiley:


Ciao e benvenuto sul server! Spero che il tuo soggiorno qui ti piaccia e incontri molte nuove persone.


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A proposito, non parlo italiano, ho appena usato un traduttore. (:

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Non vi piace usare Google Translate? Lo so che lo faccio!! :slight_smile:


I hope you are as nice as Fumaz! Welcome to the server! :smile:

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Heya nice to meet you,

Forums tip for your discord name: use a tilde if you want to show the text without formatting it, for example _NextImBlack_.

~ Boop :slight_smile:

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Ciao! Benvenuto! :smile:

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Stiamo tutti usando translate per parlare in italiano adesso? Benvenuto!

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Big message of thanks incoming

Thank you @Remix11 c:
But you don’t have to use Google Translate with me, i can understand you :joy:.

Thank you too @dragneo, but like i said to Remix, no need to use Google Translate with me, i can understand :smiley:

I will surely be friendly like @Fumaz, thank you @Joshios :smiley:

Thank you for the useful tips @TheBoop, very kind c:

Thank you so much @RedBloomingRose

@xKamilion thank you, but like i said before, i can understand you without Google Translate :joy:

Thank you @Fumaz

Apologize for the mass tag.


Wow, who is this noob :wink: Welcome to forums bud!
Il mio hovercraft è pieno di anguille :upside_down_face:


Thank you @IntrepidBookworm c:

Il mio hovercraft è pieno di anguille :upside_down_face:


Thank you @Napkin0fVembz c:


Welcome to the forums o/

Thank you so much @CJ_Puffinstuff c: o/

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Welcome to the forums!

Hope you have a fantastic time here and ingame^^

Have a fantastic day/night!

As much as I appreciate the welcoming gestures, please do try not to bump posts without adding something new to inspire conversation if they are over a week old since posted on.