[Guide] ~ Understanding the Rules

Hey Munchies!

So, first of all, do you know the MunchyMC rules? Sometimes I see players commenting on the server, “Can we hack?” That answer is no.

1. Cheating

Don’t know what I mean by cheating? I mean hacking. Hacking is not allowed in MunchyMC, so if any staff member catches you hacking, you will be banned. If a player catches you hacking, they can use /report (IGN) (reason{hack}) or record you and post the evidence in the support section. In addition, cheating also means using any mods such as Client Cheats. This also includes any texture packs that will give you an advantage above anyone else (such as an Xray texture pack)!

If you get caught hacking, the only thing you can do is hope to get unbanned by making a ban appeal here. This includes following the correct format. If you do not, your ban appeal will most likely be denied. If it is denied, you may purchase an unban here.

2. Forum Posts

The forums is a place to meet the community and report players, apply for JMod, and more! There are rules to the forums that you MUST follow, so make sure to read them thoroughly! If you break a rule, you will most likely be forum banned!

1. Be mature!

This means DO NOT post multiple posts about the same topic (known as spamming), don’t say anything inappropriate or hurtful to other players, and make sure to be fair!

2. Applications

This is known to happen often to players: if your application is denied, you can NOT apply for two more weeks! If you complain about you being denied, you weren’t ready anyway. In addition, do NOT post multiple applications! This will lead to an instant deny. Best of luck to you!

3. TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is a great place to interact with players from MunchyMC. There are different channels sorted so you can be on the same page as other players! Although TeamSpeak is very fun, you must remember that there are rules, too.

1. Do NOT Blast Music!

This happens often to me. Some players are not mature and they purposely turn on annoying and inappropriate music loud enough to bust your eardrums. If they continue to do this, it is best to record the issue, post it on the forums, and let a staff member handle it. If you handle it yourself, it is most likely to turn into an even bigger problem.

2. Be APPROPRIATE to Everyone!

This means do not say bad words, because there may be some players that are sensitive to bad words. If you are sensitive, it is best to report the issue if it keeps happening. First, you should say stop, and if they don’t, record it and report it so the staff can handle it.

4. In Game

In game, usually there’s a lot of madness such as calling people out in chat for hacking, being inappropriate or purposely threatening you, and more. This can often be very annoying or distracting, but it is best to report the issue if it keeps annoying you after you say stop. Remember, there are staff members all around the server that will assist you if there’s ever a problem, so remember to never be scared to tell them or ask them for help. There are a lot of rules in game, but I won’t go over those because they can be found here. Remember, if you do not follow the rules, it will lead to a punishment such as a ban!

5. Players

Remember to always be considerate to other players, because if you don’t, they may treat you the same way. You want to make friends in the community so you can get to know them. You can get to know them in game, on TeamSpeak, and on the forums!

Always be mature and if you have something inappropriate, hurtful, or threatening to say, please keep it to yourself. If someone feels offended, they will most likely report it, and you will most likely get punished, unless the issue gets solved.

Be considerate, helpful and respectful to other players. If someone feels as if you’re being mean to them or being disrespectful, they have the freedom to let the staff know, so it is best to keep rude and hurtful things to yourself!

That’s it for now. I hope this helped, and remember to follow the rules so you do not get punished.

Bye, Munchies!