Gould's Event Team Application (#4)

IGN and past IGN’s

I am known as Gould_ (https://namemc.com/profile/Gould_.1)

Timezone - CST

How often can you host events - I am able to host multiple events everyday. I personally like to host a lot of manual events as I think they are more interesting, and they are very fun to host. They also take a lot more time to host than automatic events, so I might host 2-3 manual events a day, and around 5 automatic events a day. I will most likely be able to keep this schedule into the school year as well because I have free time, and I will be using some of it to host events. I will also try to host events that the players want at that time, as long as I have time for it. (Which I most likely will).

What sets you apart from other applicants

What sets me apart from most other applicants is my experience with, and on the Event Team. Throughout my past 4 years on munchy, I have spent a good amount of it talking with the Event Team, or being on the Event Team. I do also know quite a lot of the members on the team (I.E. NoEffort, Blok, Mythical, etc.), and I know I get along with them, and would be able to communicate and work well with them. I also know almost everything that comes with the role of an Event Team Member, so I would easily be able to transition into a member. Another thing that sets me apart from other applicants is my creativity. Whilst on the team, I created lots of different custom events such as water drop race, and ghost battle which were fun events, and experimented with other events. I love to introduce new ideas as events, and experiment with them, and that is a great trait to have as an Event Member as it engages new and old players alike, and gives a more engaging experience when playing events. One last thing that sets me apart from other applicants is my redstone capability. This goes well with my creativity trait, because it allows me to pretty much create anything that comes to mind, and to make it possible using redstone. This also allows me to improve events that already use redstone to make it simpler, or faster. With this skill, it opens up a lot more opportunity to possible events, and allows for more complicated events.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member

As an Event Member I can bring fun new engaging events that will spike interest in the community, and will engage players like events used to do. I will do this by introducing new events to the community, and analyzing feedback from the community to improve events, and to come up with new events that may be popular on the server. I will also be able to accomplish this by using redstone to make an event that is hard to host easier, and to make manual events smoother, and faster to run, therefore making it so players don’t lose interest during a longer manual event.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.)

Although I feel like every time an Event Member hosts an event it is positive, a specific instance of an Event Member doing something positive was when I asked @NoEffortNaame to host an event, and then he hosted it because I asked him.

Anything else you would like to add

The school year is starting up soon, and depending on what activities I decide to do this year, it may impact the amount of events I can host, but I will still be able to host lots of events even if I am busy 1-3 days of the week. Another thing is that I have recently been getting on more often, and I am looking to join back into the community now, and even if you are a new player and do not know me well, you will see me on quite a bit in the future.


you were on the team and you have experience, nice app but I’ve barely saw you in game so +.75

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Dude it’s gould, +.75 because i dont see you on a lot

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Thanks for the feedback guys. :slight_smile:

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I thought you were mod…?

  • Mature from what I have seen.
  • Friendly
  • Has lots of experience.
  • Not really active.


I was mod a while ago, but because I lost interest in minecraft, and I was not getting on nearly as much, I decided to resign. I decided not to make a post about it, since I didn’t want any attention. After about half a year, I have decided to come back to the community, as I now remember how much I enjoy spending time on Munchy.

Anyways, thank you for the feedback, and I will improve on activity as I noted near end of the application.

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+1 I’m so glad you reapplied. You’ve been decently active recently and started becoming more involved with the community once again. You do have knowledge of what it is to become a event member due to you being one before. Regardless, Good luck! :heart:

Thank you for the positive feedback Gawkyy! :slight_smile:

+0.5 Good application but I never see you on.


Was a very amazing Event member previously, and was also a great friend! Because of his previous experience, he has a lot of knowledge about the Event rank and what it takes to the job perfectly :slight_smile: I’ve seen you be a more involved lately which is good! Good luck buddy :slight_smile:

  • NoEffort

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

i haven’t seen u on kit for like months but its gould so +1

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Only thing I’d say is to work on activity a bit. But besides that, I think you’d be a great (re)addition. Good luck!!

Experienced, mature, trustworthy, and easily the best candidate right now. Good luck dude

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Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

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Good luck!


Good app
Really nice

First of all, welcome back Gould!

I am giving you a +0.5 because although you are indeed a very calm and friendly person, I am still not quite sure if you are ready for this position yet. This is mainly as you came back very recently.

Obviously I do realise that you were known in the community back in the days, but it might be better getting to know the newer people first.

Nonetheless, I wish you the best of luck!

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Thanks for the feedback, I will take that into consideration

Application denied. Unfortunately, we do not feel like you meet the activity requirements to become an event team member.