DeForst's Event Team Application

IGN and past IGN’s: DeForst, past IGNS:

Timezone: EST / Eastern Standard Time

How often can you host events:

School Schedule below
Monday: 5PM - 11PM
Tuesday: 5PM - 11PM
Wednesday: 5PM - 11PM
Thursday: 5PM - 11PM
Friday: 5PM - 12AM
Saturday: 9AM - 12AM
Sunday 9AM - 11PM
Now that its currently summer I’m pretty much available all day.

What sets you apart from other applicants:

There are a lot of things that set me apart from other applicants.

One thing that sets me apart is the ability to cope with my failures and learn from them. In every mistake there is always an opportunity to learn from it and fix it. Another thing that sets me apart from other applicants is that I have a sense of belonging in a common experience. I think that all the event members are great and kind and for that I should be able to fit right in. I feel that I can host events in a more fun and enjoyable way as host events that will give them what they want. I believe that I am mature enough to control an event and help people in a professional manner. The final thing that sets me apart from other applicants is my knowledge and connection with the community. I’ve been playing munchymc for over 3 years now and I gotten to learn some things about event and have learned what events the community likes.

Here are some of the commands I know.

  • /broadcast - Sends a message through out kitpvp
  • /eventban - Bans player from the event world
  • /eventkick - Kicks the player from the event
  • /eeffect - Gives the players a specific potion effect
  • /eventtpall - Sends a tpa request through out of kitpvp
  • /togglepvp - Toggles pvp for players in the event world.
  • /skit create - Creates a skit that applies to the players who join the event
  • /skit apply (name, radius) -Applies the skit that you just created to everyone in the radius.
  • /host - Ability to host a automatic event such as sumo, OITC and brackets
  • /eventtphere - Sends a teleport message to the specific player

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:
As an active player on munchy, I can host a lot of different events pretty much all day. I can also bring joy to the community and give the community what they want and perhaps some new ideas. Overall, I believe that I can make people laugh and have a good time while I host an event.

Why do you want to be on the event team:
Every sense I started playing KitPvP back in 2016, I’ve always looked at event as a big role in the community. I feel that I haven’t been able to help out the community. I’ve always had a desire to be as helpful as possible and in my opinion, I’ve never been able to show that to the community. What I mean by that is, I’ve never been able to show the community how I am able to work with a team, like the event team. It also seems like a lot of fun. I believe that I can be an efficient event team member and I also think that being on the event team would be a great start to show the community how responsible, loyal and trustworthy I am to the server.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):
One example of an event member doing something positive is that when I ask for an event specifically @gawkyy, @errxr and @oBears to host an event like sumo or OITC, they’ll usually do it, if not busy. Another thing I see most event members do is responding to the community as of what they would like them to host. What most event members do when they host RR or CRR they will usually ask the community to type a certain thing and first to repeat it gets captain or slayer.

Anything else you would like to add:
Something else I would like to add is that I’m going to be playing some sports through out fall and it might interfere with my playing time. I’ll be gone for an extra hour so I’ll most likely be able to get on at 6pm through out the weekdays but if I decide not to play sports till spring my schedule will remain the same.

That’s all I have to say! Thank you for taking the time to read my application. :smile:
Good luck to everyone that applied! :+1:

Edit #1: Added the question/answer, “Why do you want to be on the event team”.
Edit #2: Fixed a command.
Discord: Deforst#0575



  • Kind
  • Mature
  • Could improve on activity
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oh yeah, i’m confident you will make it! Super nice and respectful member of the community! Fat +1

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+1 because it’s deforst

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@Xista (ariesgrill :wink: ), @CANKRII and @82602 thanks guys :heart:

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+1 from me! You’re an awesome member of the community and I think you’ll fit great within the event team!

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Nice application! I’ve never seen you in game but it seems like you are a nice person +0.5

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Great guy, we used to play prison and he was always amazing. Looks ready for this position. +1 :smiley:

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@Hardah (Once again, Congrats!!! :smile: ), @CrazyField, @jon1s Thanks guys i really do appreciate it :heart:.

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+1, I’ve known defrost for a while now and he has never slipped up in maturity once. I think you definitely deserve event

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+1, known for a while now always trying to help out and be helpful


P.S do host do much crr :>

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@saladbutter, @xBvnny I appreciate it homies :heart: :blush:.

Hey DeForst!
Its me baldb0yhalo14, I sent you a discord friend request as Aulo, please accept!
Otherwise GREAT application! I think you’ll definitely get into the Event Team! I wish you luck and myself too… I probably won’t get in but I hope you do!

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active, kind, mature :smiley:

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@uizy, @Squishify Thanks guys :blush: :upside_down_face:

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+0.75, Just need to work with communicating more on teamspeak and such that’s really all. Once fixed without a doubt you’ll get Event! Good Luck :heart:

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Thanks man! Ya I’ve been having problems with my mic lately and I’ve also been having problems with teamspeak so thats pretty much why I’m not on teamspeak as much but I’m going to try to fix it as soon as possible :smile:.
Edit: good to go :smile:.

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I would also like to say that I’m currently on vacation with my family and won’t be returning till the 15th of august. I just wanted to give y’all a heads up because i have been inactive on munchy and that is the reason.

I know I already said this but I rate you not a +1 but a +2. You are a very kind player on the network, someone that could bring excitement and joy to the community! I can tell you care about the community in the sense that you aren’t toxic one bit. If anyone should get accepted this round, I think it should be DeForst. Good luck and I hope I see that EVENT tag soon!

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That means a lot man like fr. :heart:
Bro you literally got me blushing :joy:

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