Claim Decay time

I have seen this suggested before (at least a month ago or so) but i would like to bring this suggestion back to light along with an addition to it. any feedback will be highly appreciated!

Putting the suggestion in a single sentence:
Remove a player’s claims if this person goes in an extended period of inactivity.

Now i do understand that this hasn’t been done so people dont lose their progress upon leaving for a while, that sometimes they have reasons for long inactivity periods, however, if a player has a lot of progress and has put a lot of time in survival, what are the chances that this player doesn’t use forums? small right? based on this logic i think that there should be an exception on this and that is a sub category for survival where people shall announce beforehand that they will go in a period of inactivity, upon doing so staff can “whitelist / protect” this person’s progress on survival. the most common thing i have seen in survival are people who are new to the server, learn how to claim and spend maybe an hour or so and then leave to never come back, leaving behind a claim that has no progress at all. once again and i think this bares repeating if a player is dedicated and / or active in MunchyMC it is most likely that this person has a forums account, thus making it a way to weed out this players who have only spent a claim and around 1 hour of play time into the server in order to wipe them.


I agree, there are many annoying claims around mine, and MANY when I built a 16k block bridge.

Agreed, while there is a lot of unclaimed land, that is the land that is full with fifty million trees.

Edit: I gotta agree with KittenKatja, I played Munchy for over half a year before I joined the forums. I think there are even some players who have played for years that haven’t joined the forums, or if they have, they’ve been on it like once.

The forum way is too much.
I have spent a lot of time on munchy before I created this forum account.
Announcing their own hiatus is like screaming in the airport, that you are going to Hawaii, no one cares.
30 Days inactivity resulting in claim removal, except when already have played 50 hours in survival is a fair trade to me. Some players on munchy don’t have a forum account or just created one in the past for the 1500 tokens reward, which is useless now without a shop to spend it in. (only kitpvp)

There is also a certain other german server, that has this 30 days rule, but not any way to prevent them from being unclaimed, you may not guess the website, but it is “minecraft” with a dot, and then the first 2 letters of the language.

my idea about the sub category was aimed to be something like a ticket which would only be seen by the corresponding staff. not public. i do understand that announcing your hiatus like that is dumb but is something

have at least 50 hours spent on that game mode?

I’m a little conflicted with this idea. On one hand, it can help when some one-time player makes a claim nearby, which can prevent you from expanding further. On the other hand, if I had to go away a bit without access to Minecraft, I would lose the claims with nothing I could do.

Perhaps a compromise is having claims decay after a month or two, with the ability to ask for extensions on the forums.

In another thread, I have put the decay thing together:
[1] 30 days of inactivity till the claim decays
[2] At least 50 hours playtime to turn off [1]
In other words, when reached 50 hours playtime, the claim will stay forever.

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Well if my claim is still around you guys can free it up. Depends on if gotchu is still using it or not tho. I don’t play anymore and my claim is/was massively huge ¯_(ツ)_/¯

edit: o im still helper on forums lol

o rip

How bout admins just go around and remove people’s claims that have been reported inactive by players??

Such idea would be hard to implement for the reason that most people would fail to remember to report their future inactivity and will lose their claims because of small mistakes. Furthermore even if those claimes get removed you wouldn’t be able to remove their builds for the reason that you are not allowed to grief, claimed land or not, inactive the player or not.
Whereas a better suggestion would be if players were allowed to claim right next to someone’s claim, meaning if the 100 block radius that players must respect would be removed.
And the obvious reason is that there will be a reset soon which will delete everything and start a new world that is not protected anywhere but the spawn.
(The reset is somewhere at the end of the summer)

There will be a reset?
Why is there no official claim to this?
The reset has been feared for almost a year and no reset has been happening.

No Claim = Unclaimed Land = Griefers are not griefing inside a Claim.

Yes, the reset is official but not yet decided when the exact date is, they said it should be before the end of the summer.
I don’t understand what do you mean with the second part?

A claim exists to protect the land from being edited by others, who are not trusted on that claim.
But what happens, when the claim is gone? What makes players unable to raid the abandoned house?

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The fact that they can be tempbanned for it. Moderators or above can easily check who opened a chest, destroyed or placed a block in logs.

In my opinion this doesn’t make sense. You don’t own the claim anymore, so technically it’s not griefing, because you are not affected by it. It’s like on Prison when somebody’s cell runs out, anyone can take whatever is inside of it, as long as they rent the cell.

But Griefing in Prison terms is technically raiding / betraying / scamming. All three techniques are allowed on prison, but griefing is not allowed on Survival. So anyone could raid the cell even if it didn’t run out ( Say break all of the chests and builds ) if they’re cellmated

Sometimes people want to build stuff but they don’t have enough claim blocks to claim it and they have to risk and hope noone will break it. That’s why it doesn’t matter if it is claimed or not.

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Griefing on Survival is only seen as griefing, when the Griefer is trusted on that claim and destroys the protperty.
As long as these edited blocks are outside the claim, it is not griefing.
Once the claim is gone, the property can be raided and “griefed” without getting in trouble.