Bye fora little

I know no one knows who I am or no one will care, recently my Girl Friend broke up with me so I will be gone for a while, the reason for it is her parents, so bye ;(


I’m sorry to hear about that man, if you need any advice or anything I can give you my discord, stay strong man.


That’s a rip

f in chat

Big rip
F my dude

~ <3 Retro Muffin <3 ~

aren’t you like, eleven? or am i mistaken

I know a few eGirls that are more than open to filling the gap. Message for more information!

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Am I one of them.

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Oh I’m sorry that happened. I hope you feel better!

Your mistaken, Im 13 almost 14

It is all fine now, She said we can still date just without her parents knowing.

I’m an egirl and I’m single hmu


hm… :thinking:

What a rebel

I’m an egirl and i’m single and i’m rich

same xd
edit oh wait rich???


Oh snap, good luck with that.