BWDIM Episode 13: kamidrgn

Disclaimer: Wow, my IQ is actually now lower than an average Munchy player, which is quite a feat. You know all those comments that said “It’s so hard to read Spectro” and “Spectro please make it easier to read”? Well, I thought that was because it was too long. It never even occurred to me that it could be the formatting. I am actually really pick about this type of thing, but I guess I never noticed it on my own work before. So, the formatting is a bit different, hopefully making it easier to read for everyone. If you are one of the people that found it hard to read, then I apologize for not realizing this earlier. Anyway, happy reading!

Welcome back to another episode of But What Does It Mean? Ever wonder: what the heck does that name mean? Well, you’re in the right place! Here, we look at the IGNs of the amazing members of the MunchyMC Community!


You've seen them on survival. You've seen them with the Thinker tag (maybe?). I was gonna analyze them last week, but then I got scammed, so this week, we will be analyzing kamidrgn's name!


As you all know, we will be dividing the name into a few parts, this time four: kamidrgn.
(there, is that enough colour for you?)

First part: k (also stylized K). This can mean many things, such as OK or the eleventh letter of the alphabet. But, the true meaning of K in this sense is the element of the periodic table, Potassium.

Second part: amid. This is a word in the English language meaning “amidst” or “in the middle of”. If we take some creative license, we can easily interpret this as simply “in”.

Third part: r (also stylized R). Well, this can mean many things as well, such as the word “are”. Now, as you know, there are no elements in the periodic table that have R as their symbol. If we just simply add the first letter of the alphabet, then we get Ra or Radium.

Fourth part: gn. This is a texting short form used in place of goodnight.


Alright. So, when we put it all together, we get: Potassium in Radium goodnight. Now, this may seem odd at first, but allow me to clarify. “Potassium in Radium” is obviously a chemical formula. Now, instead of writing out some complicated scientific compound, kami has died it down for the less bright Munchy players. We simply have a compound of Potassium and Radium. Now, as I’m sure you all know, Radium is radioactive and quite unstable. It is keen to explode, you might say. Potassium, which is in bananas, by the way, is quite stable. It doesn’t really enjoy exploding and is obviously not radioactive, as you can eat it.

Now we know that kami is mixing together a unstable radioactive element with a stable one. But why would they do it? Why would a mod from Survival want to create this mixture? Well, the answer lies in the final part of the name: goodnight. You know how when some people die, it is said that they go to sleep and never wake up again? Well, it’s the same idea here. Kami is saying goodnight to their victim, but not in a nice way. No, Kami will, in fact, be murdering someone. And how, you might ask? Well, it’s quite simple: with the Potassium and Radium mix. Don’t ask me for Kami’s methods, maybe it’ll be a spiked drink or a burger that tastes kinda sour. But one thing is for certain: Kami will be murdering someone soon, and that will be with their favourite deadly poison: Potassium and Radium.

Now, this begs the question: who would Kami, the one that you thought was nice and kind, murder? Well, it’s quite obvious: Kami will murder Kami. And no, I’m not making a suicide joke. I’m talking about the other kami in town: @kamiwami. Now, obviously, there has to be some rivalry between the Kamis. They’re both mods in their respective servers, and they both have “kami” at the start of their name. Now, I’m sure that wami wouldn’t actually do anything irl to drgn, wami would just be toxic to drgn in chat (you know, that’s how prison works). But drgn is taking it to another level. They’re going to murder kamiwami, and it’s gonna happen soon.

Alright, we’ve made it this far. The obvious question now is: why would this be in kamidrgn’s name? Why not just go in and poison (no, not with a pot) wami and be done with it? Well, I’m sure that drgn figures that if wami is really smart enough to figure it out from just drgn’s IGN, then they deserve to live. They can take preventative action, for example not eating or drinking anything for the next month. But drgn didn’t suspect that a third party would come in and figure it out for wami. And that third party is me. And I don’t think that kamidrgn is too happy with me. In fact, I think they’re gonna postpone their plans to kill wami and come and spike my drinks and poison my burgers.

Well, it’s all part of a day’s work as your host.

Episode 13 is finally over. I guess it is true that thirteen is unlucky. If you happen to be the guest star, please comment below with the inspiration for your name. Also, comment with your suggestions of IGNs for me to examine. Until then, this is your host, Spectro, signing off. Goodnight!

@kamidrgn (there, now the ping works)


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