Bryhson's media application

Twitch Link:
Followers / Average viewers 296 followers, average around 3-4 viewers.
How long have you’ve been streaming Munchy and Minecraft been streaming for almost 2 months, and I’ve streamed Woolwars and KitPvp near the end of most streams.
What makes you a good candidate for the Media rank I believe that I would be a good member on the media team because I would start to stream Munchy more often then before and bringing in new members to the community, also with media I would be able to participate in more events which benefit me and the server by giving me more content to produce and the server more people to participate in said events!

PS: The reason why I don’t have many Twitch VODs/videos is because I often play copyrighted music during my streams. If this is a problem I am 100% ok with not play Copyrighted music to keep the VODs up of me playing Munchy. :smile:

Application Denied.

At the time we don’t feel you meet the requirements for joining the media team. We would like to see you grow your channel a bit more before re-applying, and making more Munchy content. Also we recommend you keep your Munchy VODs up. We also recommend you get 13-15 Average viewers for joining the media team. Good luck and hope to see you applying again soon!

Please wait 1 month before re-applying.