BananaSkin_PVP's Event Team Application (June 2020)







How often can you host events:

Here is my schedule:
Monday: 1-5 hours
Tuesday: 1-5 hours
Wednesday: 1-5 hours
Thursday: 1-4 hours
Friday: 1-6 hours
Saturday: 1-7 hours
Sunday 1-7 hours

These times can vary depending on work and family, but I will definitely host events whenever possible and will try and set a goal to login everyday as I did when I was helper. I will ensure the community has a fun time, and enjoy the many events we have.

(Please Note: Currently we are going through harsh times and so my activity may fluctuate during this time period)

What sets you apart from other applicants:

I am…

I am on the MunchyMC KitPvP server regularly. I enjoy pvping, talking with people and joining fun events. I believe it is extremely important to be active as you can fulfil your job and host fun events whenever players ask.

I believe I am a kind and caring individual. I always love helping people out, and doing my best to ensure everyone has a good time on Munchy. This is especially shown through my time as helper where I helped countless individuals. As an event team member you represent the server and kindness is something that should be used all the time, especially when talking to the community. You want to create a good image for the server.

Being an event team member can be a difficult job. You have to make sure everything’s right for an event and ensure everyone is enjoying their time and playing fairly. I was lucky enough to become staff on Munchy, and this helped me further understand the community but also helped me cope under pressure. This is key in ensuring events are hosted well, fairly and with minimal mistakes. Furthermore, I have played on the server since 2016. I know alot about the community and the server as a whole.

Maturity is key. I believe I am a mature individual who strives to help others, and create an overall positive environment. Through my time as staff, I demonstrated my ability to stay focused and mature. There are set backs that have spiked my maturity. For example, if things happen irl I do often become salty, but I try to steer away from going online until I feel I am completely ready. This is not something I will do as event, as I demonstrated when I was helper. I keep real life problems away from Minecraft.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:
As an event team member I would ensure the community has a good time on the server by hosting events regularly. Furthermore, I will listen to everyone’s questions, concerns or their preferences for certain events. In addition, I will try to host events fairly ensuring everyone’s has the same chance to win. I am extremely active and thus I can host many events throughout the day. Overall, I aim to ensure everyone has a fun time to Munchy and I believe I can host events and create that fun for people!

In addition to that, I understand how being an event team works and I understand most of the commands.

These commands include:

/eventtpall - This will send a tp request to all the players on the server which they will have to accept by doing /confirm. This will then take them to the event.

/broadcast - This broadcasts a message which stands out in chat. This is used when announcing an event being hosted and the rules of that event.

*/skit create - Allows you to create a skit used for an event. *

/eventban - Allows you to ban a player from an event if they are continuously rule breaking.

/eventunban - Allows you to unban a player which was banned during an event.

/eventbanlist - Allows you to see the players banned from events.

skit apply - Allows you to give the skit created to players in the event world.

/eventkick - Allows you to kick a player from that event for rule breaking.

/togglepvp - Allows you to toggle pvp in the event world.

Why do you want to be on the event team:
I love helping out people and making the server more fun. I’ve made many friends on the server. Being an event team member is a great opportunity for me to create fun for people. Munchy has many events available. I would love to host them for the community especially as I see players in chat asking for certain events. Furthermore, late at night events aren’t sometimes hosted (manual events). This is where I can fill in hosting many fun events, keeping the community entertained. Overall, I’d love to be on the event team to ensure the community has fun on the server by hosting many cool events!

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

All the event team members host many fun events when asked! Here are a few!

  • 262ms: Hosting Sumo several times per my request.
  • xShrek: Hosting waterdrop late at night.
  • Enchance: Hosting CRR every time I ask!
  • 82602: Hosting QITC a couple of times when asked.

Anything else you would like to add:

Good luck to everyone else who applied!


I’ve been waiting for you to apply for centuries because I think you’d be perfect for this position.

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+1 yes

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+1 yes

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I’m giving you a +1 because you are very active and you seem like a cool person.

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Yes Bananas

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+1 active

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I will give your application a +1000000000 because it’s so good! I can’t even list the reasons why it’s good! You deserve to be in the Event Team!

Great job! :+1:


+1 :banana: glad he’s returned… best of luck :yellow_heart:

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+1, although he hates my skin. :sleepy:

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Heya, this is such a detailed app - massive +1 from me!

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Thanks guys for all the kind words! <3

+1 very detailed

gl hope to see you hosting events in the future

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+1 Would love to see u on the event teamm :))

The banana is backkk!!! Ginormous +1

Great guy
Perfect for event

Goodluck banana =)

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Hey BananaSkin_PvP! I’ll be giving you a +1 for the following reasons!

  • Active

  • Very detailed application

  • Very kind, respectable and mature.

Good luck!

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Active, really nice, good application. You deserve to be an event team member. Good luck!


+1 Amazing application. Very mature and kind. Always active. Yes.