[Advanced] Woolwars Kit Guide Pt. 1/4

I had been working on this for two weeks nonstop and was close to finishing, but then something saved wrong today and every kit past engineer got deleted. Anyway to keep this from happening again and to avoid burnout I’ve decided to release the guide in four parts, with six kits each one. This is my first post so feedback + criticism + adoring praise is welcome :)

Advanced Woolwars Kit Guide

This guide is for players who already know the basic ropes of the game, have experimented with many kits and would like to learn more about the strategies and perks of each. If you are looking for a simpler and more advanced guide, I recommend looking at this guide, and experimenting with all the kits on your own and forming your own opinions and strategies. After you have gained a basic understanding and want to learn more, you should come back to this guide. I have been told after playing games that I am “Very scary to fight” and that I am “Resourceful and clearly knowledgeable about the game” I have played every kit, and explored the tricks and strategies with each one. In the end my goal in this guide is to help you have fun. Whether you’re a new player looking for a fast way to win or a sweaty tryhard that wants to try using alternative playstyles you’ve come to the right place.

I am biased in this guide because I play very aggressively. Playing fast and furious is the way I have fun in woolwars, but I acknowledge that different people have different ways of enjoying the game, and I have tried to present all play styles in the most unbiased fashion possible.

For each kit I will put the name of the kit, the “on-paper attributes” of the kit, followed by my playstyle with the kit, and concluding with How useful the kit is over the course of the game. At the end I will place the kit in one of five tiers: superior, viable, situational, and would never use.

With all of that out of the way, Here’s the guide!


Anvil kit allows you to take no knockback as long as you are shifting. When other players attempt to hit you, It plays an anvil sound, alerting them to the fact that you are using the anvil kit. When I play this kit, my goal is to hide the fact that I don’t take knockback until as long as possible to surprise people that attack me. To accomplish this, I recommend baiting your opponent into a bridge fight, where they expect to knock you off. When they realize that you don’t in fact take knockback, it can throw them off. Use this period of time to get in as much damage as possible, and possibly even knock them off or kill them entirely. A word of warning for people who use anvil is to hit hard and hit fast. Once the initial surprise has worn off, the player you are fighting can use your slow move speed to their advantage by placing lava, tnt, or cobwebs next to you. As an anvil player, use your no-knockback to your advantage, but don’t be afraid to stop shifting to save yourself. This kit remains useful over the entire game. Overall a viable option, with some definite upsides and a few situational downsides.


Starts the game with a bow and three arrows. Revives an arrow upon hitting an enemy. When I play archer, I tower up to a safe height at the beginning of the game and get a few early kills by shooting people off of their towers. Once everyone has been established and is geared up to survive getting three-shot by an arrow I change my strategy. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I neglect using bows and arrows to their full potential. I sometimes get caught up in the heat of the moment and forget that I have a valuable tool in my hotbar. Archer kit is all about slowing down and methodically making life as hard as possible for your opponent. Someone is bridging toward you? Hit them with an arrow. If it doesn’t knock them off, or even hit them, it still forces them to slow down, bridge more carefully, and always be looking around. About to enter a fight with someone? Try hitting them a few times before going in. At the very least it throws them off, and at best can force them to waste healing items. Finally, if you have fought someone and they start running away at low health, you can deny their escape by aiming a well timed finishing shot. Again, many of these tactics can be frustrating to face, but nonetheless they work. This kit gets its best usage in the beginning and middle of a game. As time goes on and you collect more arrows from chests, the arrow regaining attribute matters less and less. Overall archer kit offers an alternative playstyle that I myself don’t use a ton, but can be useful in the right hands. I rate it situational.


Bouncy kit gives you jump boost 2 throughout the entire game. Arguably one of the best kits in woolwars right now, Bouncy is a versatile kit that allows you to adapt and improve your movement. When I play with the bouncy kit I start by towering up fast and reaching a platform with chests. I then loot the chests and continue to make my way upward until I have enough gear to hold my own in a fight. Bouncy kit allows you to remain “Ahead of the masses” by giving you the power to jump two and a half blocks tall. Use this to your advantage by getting the high ground early. The advantages don’t stop there, however. Sprint jumping with jump boost is faster than regular sprinting, so if you’re chasing a player, or a player is chasing you, make sure to jump. Jump boost also allows you to be more maneuverable in fights. Try jumping over the head of someone you are fighting. It throws them off because they have to completely turn around. You also take less fall damage when you have the jump boost effect, so it’s more practical to jump down on a player to surprise them because you’re not losing as much health fall damage. Bouncy kit retains its value all throughout the match. Overall a superior kit that can be used in many ways.


With camel kit, instead of instantly dying when touching sandstone your maximum health is drained by two hearts. Camel is a kit designed around using the sandstone to your advantage. However, contrary to popular belief you still have to be careful around sandstone. Some people will pick camel and start pvping as soon as the round begins, thinking that they don’t need to be worries about the sandstone because they have the camel kit. This is wrong. Every time you touch the sandstone your chances of winning in pvp fights decrease significantly. Before touching sandstone, think, “is it worth it?”. Is it worth it to kill a fleeing player if it means that you have eight hearts instead of ten when you face off against the full diamond player camping at the top? When using camel kit, make sure that every trade-off is beneficial in the long term. Camel kit gets its best use in the late game when sandstone is rising fast and is almost to the top. At this point in the game it becomes harder to be killed outright from fall damage, and as a result camel kit increases your survivability. Another use for this kit is if someone is camping at the top and refusing to engage. With camel kit you can simply wait until the sandstone reaches the top and kills him, but not you. Overall a situational kit with a few specific upsides that come along with several major trade-offs.


Engineer starts you off with a few redstone items(piston, slime, sand, redstone, button) and nets you one throwable tnt after every kill. I’ll cover the two attributes separately. First, trapping. Trapping in woolwars is very hard. First you have to tower up fast and reach the top before everyone else. Then you have to collect all the resources you need and set up your trap. Finally you need to bait your enemy into falling for your trap and collect their loot. To best optimise for this, choose tall maps with lots of platforms and whatever resources you need for your trap. In my opinion trapping is boring and repetitive, but some people really enjoy it, so do whatever floats your boat. Now for the throwable tnt. This element of the kit is what I consider the fun one. When I use my throwable tnt I use it to knock off players that are bridging by lobbing the tnt at them and following it up with a few bowshots and possibly an ender pearl. In a pinch it can also be used for escape situations when you need to slow down the person chasing you. You have to throw the tnt ahead of you in order to have it detonate right after you jump over it, but before your opponent has reached it. The timing is hard to pull off, but with practice it can become a rewarding and surprising skill to have in your arsenal. My main gripe with the engineer kit is that the two feature of the kit don’t go together well. If you trap in a game, you can expect one or two kills at most, which doesn’t net you very much tnt. On the other hand if you go with the run and gun tnt strategy, you won’t have time to use the trapping items because you’re too busy going on a rampage. The two attributes just don’t synergize with each other. All in all, trapper is an underwhelming kit with major downsides, few upsides, and two playstyles that don’t go well together. I would never use.


Feather kit allows you to take a maximum of three hearts of fall damage. Feather is one of the simplest kits in the game, yet it makes for a surprisingly fun round if you play it right. When I use feather kit I try to use the fall damage mechanic to its greatest. Feather kit allows you take take risks that your opponent is unable to take. Use this to bait them into places they think you can’t escape from, and surprise them by jumping down out of their reach. another good use for feather is for ambusing from above. Normally it’s risky to jump down on someone because by doing so it removes a sizeable chunk of your health and thus makes it harder to win the ensuring fight. feather negates this disadvantage and allows you to jump down and across the entire map with almost no consequences. Feather is also good in defensive situations. If someone hits you off, clutching the wall or the floor becomes easier to do because of the reduced health loss. feather gets it’s best use during the beginning and middle of a round. In the end of the round the reduced fall damage becomes less noticeable because there isn’t a whole lot of distance to fall anyway. Overall a superior kit that gives you the opportunity to be more creative in your game.

Well there you have it! I hope that you enjoyed reading this and were able to glean something from it. For any of you that have disagreements, I hope that you voice them in the replies because I’m not perfect, and I’m always looking fro ways to improve as well.

P.S. ChocolateBar_ ily <3


Very well done! It looks like a lot of effort was put into this.

I’m interested in how you do this- with the redstone items. Can you explain it?



Sure thing! The trap I mostly use is a block update trap the involves flowers and sand/gravel. This intructalbes tutorial does a pretty good job of explaining it. I usually make a 2 x 2 sand platform in the middle of a regular platform.(make sure the path between the platform and the sandstone if clear of any blocks that they could use to clutch). From there I bait them to chase me, then I cross the sand, and right as they are in the middle of the platform I update the block in some way, causing the sand and the person on it to fall. The trap itself is pretty finicky because one mistake while setting it up makes you have to start over, and to make it work you need to be on a map with 2-block flowers


I’m making a similar guide soon that rather than focusing on certain kits, describes the opening, midgame and endgame of a match and the different strategies you can use during it :+1:

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Haha cool! I was thinking about doing something similar but looks like you’ve got it covered. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with!

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This brings tears to my eyes, perfection

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:pleading_face:Thank you! I had this post of yours in mind when talking about the full diamond guy camping on tap in the camel kit section lol

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I use bouncy? :smiley:
Also I wasnt camping I got most of my diamond early-game and didnt wait out, i searched for the other guy :D

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you were probably more aggressive than the post let on. Maybe I should have used a different word than camping; it has a pretty negative connotation lol. Bouncy kit OP

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